Philip Kingsley Swimcap Water Resistant Mask Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

At first, when asked to review this product, I had thought it was an actual swim cap to cover the hair rather than a cream which covers the hair. 

The product comes in a simple package which is a white plastic tube (sugarcane bioplastic), with the company’s name Philip Kingsley in silver capital letters on the front of the tube. The product name Swim Cap is also in capital letters but in a smaller font size and in white against a dark pink background.  Below the product name in smaller font letters it states it shields the hair from chlorine and salt water and this is written in both English and French in grey lettering.   Near the cap of the product, it states this is a water resistant mask, written again in English and French and finally on the front the volume of the product is stated- 75ml.  On the back of the tube are the instructions, ingredients and where it is manufactured, again in English and in French.

This water resistant swimcap was originally requested by the first US Olympic Synchronised swimming team and as a result developed by Philip Kingsley and is now advertised not only essential for swimmers all year round but very useful for protecting the hair in the summer.

Since the first lockdown, I have not resumed swimming in an indoor pool, so I decided to test this swim cap out in the open water.  After reading the instructions, I realised that I needed to wet my hair first but as I knew I was going for a swim I was able to do this at home.  I applied the cream to my damp hair and combed it through.  The cream had a pleasant smell, which is important.  It will be easier to apply the swim cap when using indoor pools once the showers are available.  I have partly coloured curly hair, so I also asked my friend who I was going swimming with to try it as she has straight coloured hair.  After placing the cream onto her wet hair, she then placed an actual swim cap on her head.  After our swim, I felt my hair and it felt soft. Normally, I would hate to comb my hair as there are lots of knots, but this cream made combing much easier, and my friend felt her hair was silkier and easier to comb too.  At home, when I showered to remove the salt, and double shampooed my hair as per instructions, my hair continued to feel soft and `I was able to easily comb my hair straight after shampooing.  I do not usually do this as it is much easier to comb my hair after I have added conditioner which I leave in whilst I am combing my hair. 

On the website it mentions that the cream is infused with UV protection and this hair mask works to intensely nourish, hydrate hair and prevent colour fading on colour-treated hair. It also states that the hair is left looking radiant and glossy, whilst remaining protected from discolouration which I agree with. The next bit I cannot prove as I am not blonde (‘This means our conditioning mask is perfect for blondes, who can be rest assured the mask will not react to chlorine or turn hair green”), but I think it must be reassuring to know that your hair does not turn green!!

It also has green credentials as 100% recyclable, Carbon dioxide negative (though I cannot prove this) and also cruelty -free (again, it is not clear if this means not tested on animals or just less tortuous for the person combing their hair- I suspect the former.)

A day later, my hair continues to feel soft, looks glossy and does not look at all discoloured, nor green which is a relief!

I would certainly recommend this swim cap for using for swimming both in chlorinated pools as well as in salt water and as it also protects against UV; before and after swimming.  Even though you only get 75ml of the cream, you only need a small amount each time so it should last for a long time, and certainly I would add one to my essential list when going on a holiday.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £19.50

This product can be purchased from the Marks and Spencer website here. For more information you can visit the Philip Kingsley website here.

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