Peculiar Practice


A Very Peculiar Practice – The Complete Series (15)
Released on 10th October 2011
RRP £49.99


During the 1980s, universities, like many other public sector bodies, were rocked by the Tory government's funding cuts and promotion of private enterprise – not dissimilar to the current climate. A Very Peculiar Practice (BBC, 1986-88), set in the fictional Lowlands University, is a cutting but touching satire on a university in crisis.


In A Very Peculiar Practice – The Complete Series, idealistic doctor Stephen Daker (Peter Davison – At Home with the Braithwaites) takes up a post as a member of a university medical centre. Little does he know that the centre is staffed by the most unlikely group of misfits: Dr. Jock Macannon (Graham Crowden) is a drunk, his colleagues include the radical bisexual Rose Marie (Barbara Flynn) and a squash-obsessed fascist Bob (David Troughton). To top it all off, he is also being haunted by nuns! What little respite for Dr. Daker comes in the form of Police student Lyn Tuttle and his mathematician flatmate Chen Sung Yau. They offer humanity and sensibility when things go haywire – which is often – for Dr. Daker…


A Very Peculiar Practice – The Complete Series (15) is available from Network DVD

Release Date: 10 October 2011

RRP: £49.99 Catalogue No: 7953373

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