Peas in a Pod Necklace Review

Peas in a Pod Necklace

Reviewed by Stella Young

As a mother of identical twin girls, I was delighted to receive the very pretty Peas in a Pod necklace. 

Often occasional jewellery so specific can be quite expensive, so much so a budget conscience thrifty twin mum like myself probably wouldn’t splash out too much on such a piece for myself.  This delightful necklace however is at a lower scale price, coming in at a very reasonable £16.50.

The necklace consists of two glass green beads, which are encased in gold plated wire.  There is also a white flower and some small brass leaves, these are hung from an 18” gold plated chain. The pendant itself is 1” long.

I have worn the necklace a few times, and had complimentary comments.  One confused friend thought it may signify myself and my husband being two peas in a pod! Not really my style, but absolutely my style as a proud mother of twins. I guess for a more romantic couple, it would indeed be suitable to signify a relationship as well. 

So in my eyes, this necklace would make a lovely gift for a mother of twins, or a proud grandmother would also love this. Equally it would be a good gift for twins, or sisters who have a very close relationship. But it could also be a romantic gift for a girlfriend, or even for a best friend.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16.50

Available to buy from Eclectic Eccentricity here.

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