Peach Perfect Glass Heart Review

Reviewed by Cate Norris

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, finding the perfect gift that shows mum how wonderful she is, clarifies that her efforts do not go unnoticed, expresses how life wouldn’t be the same without her and sums up exactly how much she is appreciated, can be the most challenging task of the annum. You may be hoping to stumble across a miracle find that is unique and original, that mum can treasure forever, but then in a last-minute panic, settle for some chocolates and flowers but decide to go large and spend a fortune because she is worth every penny. I’ve been there myself and flowers and chocolates are fine, but if you’re still hoping to gift mum with something a little different this year, I believe I have found just the thing.

Peach Perfect are a company that specialise in creative and unique gifts and they have an absolutely stunning mouth blown, handcrafted, glass heart which would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. These are bright, multi-coloured, glass hearts that are tied to a ribbon and so can be hung in the home or outside. The glass is thick and does not feel fragile, but of course I treated it carefully and it was wrapped and securely packaged for postage.

They look beautiful hanging in the window where the light enhances the multitude of colours, how fitting that colour is representative of life, and perfect then that these should be gifted to the wonderful ladies that gave us life. I like the idea of my mum looking at the heart every day and thinking of me and hopefully with it being heart shaped, she would be reminded that I love her. Aside from being gorgeous to look at the hearts are said to attract good luck and friendship for the recipient which I think is the very least we can wish for, for our fabulous mothers.

I think these make an incredibly thoughtful and original Mother’s Day gift idea and they can be ordered from

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £13

For more information or to buy visit

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