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OXO Good Grips POP Cereal Dispenser Medium – 3.2l Review

Reviewed by Kerry Hopkins

In my house we have two huge cereal fans! I honestly think both my daughter and my other half would eat cereal all day if I let them. So when I found out we would be receiving this item I was really pleased. we have nothing like this in the house and I am constantly clearing up cereal off the sides from where the cereal boxes have either meant too much has poured everywhere or has been knocked over, so this was the first great thing about this container! It is really easy to pour and the lid is great where it pops up out of the way unlike the ones my mother has at her house.

This product seems of great quality and feels nice and strong, something I wouldn’t worry about my two year old daughter pouring for herself and accidentally dropping. I received the medium 3.2 litre size (also available in small 2.3l and large 4.2l) and it easily held a full box of cereal with a bit of room to spare. It is also really easy to take apart and put together (although there are pictures instructions on how to do this on the packaging that comes with it) which is great for me as I can’t stand kitchen item that are fiddly and hard to keep clean. This product has an air tight seal which means that it will keep your cereal much fresher for longer than keeping them in their original boxes, however as having previously stated, cereal doesn’t last long in this house so I am unable to say in my experience how long it would keep the cereal fresh. This item is great for allowing you to easily see what you are getting out of the cupboard.


Overall I think this is a great quality item that does ‘what is says on the tin’ and I would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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