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OXO FurLifter Furniture Brush Review

Reviewed by Lynn Short

Over the years we have had a succession of cats and dogs and have had to deal with the problem of their fur getting on the furniture. At the present time we have rabbits who come into the house regularly for cuddles and grooming and their fur flies all over the place. I was therefore very happy to be chosen to review this item.

The first thing that pleased me was that the FurLifter was very easy to remove from its packaging. The cardboard surround is perforated, so there was no need for scissors. I get so annoyed when I have to struggle with packaging before I can get to the product.

The FurLifter consists of the brush and a base. The brush has 2 sides to it and each is covered with microbristles – these are quite soft to the touch but are very efficient in collecting up the fur. There are arrows on each side which show the direction in which the brush should be used and the handle has a sort of hinge which allows it to bend slightly enabling it to clean more effectively.

Once the brush is covered in fur you push it down into the base, where there are more microbristles, and as you pull it out again the fur remains in the base. The bottom of the base can be removed when required and the fur tipped away. This means that the brush can be used over and over again and there is no need to buy refills. The handle can then be stored in the base until needed.  It measures approximately 5cm by 8cm and stands about 34cm high including the brush, so it does not take up very much space.


Our rabbits have white and light grey fur and our furniture is dark brown so it was not difficult to appreciate how well the brush worked, and because of the bendy handle it could get into the corners. The only slight problem is that it is a little hard to pull the brush out of the base, obviously it needs to be reasonably tight or the fur would not get trapped in there but some people might find this difficult.

I found the FurLifter efficient and easy to use and I wish I had had something similar when we had the dog and cats.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £15

Available to buy from OXO here.

4 half Star

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