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Out Of Order – The Trivia Game With a Twist Review


Reviewed by Gina Reedy

I was really pleased to be asked to review the new Trivia game from Gibsons as we are a family that has enjoyed playing trivia and quiz games especially over the various Covid lockdowns. We have exhausted the ones we already own and so it was with anticipation that I undid the package from Gibsons. The game is targeted at 14+ age and is for 2-6 players.

The black box with primary colour logos makes Out of Order stand out as soon as you see it. It is clear that it is a trivia game with a “twist” and that intrigued me. What could the twist be? It tells you that you need to “Call out the answer you missed” – well anyone that has played with me will know that calling answers out is a favourite behaviour of mine so I was confident that this was going to suit me. Oh and did I mention I am very competitive when it comes to games? Something that, as a Mum, I have tried to manage over the years- not sure my children would agree that I have succeeded. So before even knowing what was inside the box I was looking forward to the game.

On opening the box I found some coloured cardboard arrows that were designed like paper clips- these were a clever concept as they are used around the side of the box by each player to advance from Start to Finish as each time you get a question correct you move a space forward. There are trivia cards with 6 questions and the idea is that you have to give the answer from the question before…with very funny consequences because of the way the questions are planned.

We decided to play it after dinner. As I was writing a review for the game I asked if we could play for a minimum of a few rounds as I knew that everyone had to work the next day so they might not feel like a long game -well I needn’t have bothered as we all loved playing it. We played all evening- we kept saying just one more round and then found it irresistibly drawing us in for more.

What is particularly appealing is that a complete game does not take long as you progress the number of correct answers on each turn (there’s a possibility of 6) and so to get to the finish line of 20 correct answers takes an outstanding player a maximum of four turns. This meant we could play several games in the evening. This is an easy game to enjoy anywhere as all you need is in the box- a great game to take on holiday.

We all agreed that we will definitely be playing it at Christmas with the extended family. I recommend that you go out and buy one now as a Christmas present for the whole family.

Rating: 5 out of 5

RRP: The price for the game: £16.00

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