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Poetry For Neanderthals – A Word Game By Exploding Kittens Review


Reviewed by Gina Reedy

I was really pleased to be asked to review the new poetry game from Exploding Kittens as we are a family that has enjoyed playing other games by the same company and they have all had a level of humour in their approach. Therefore it was with anticipation that I undid the package to reveal a plain grey and black printed box with a cartoon Neanderthal character and an intriguing statement in yellow saying ‘inflatable included inside the box’. The game is targeted at 7+ age and is for 2+ players.

The broken English statement on the outside that it is ‘A word game where u must speak good or get hit with a stick’ gives a clue about what the poetry might be like.  So before even knowing what was inside the box I was looking forward to the game. A Board game that forces you to explain complicated ideas using simple language.

On opening the box I found:

 a gift voucher for a free gift from exploding kittens with a unique code and their website address;

A fold out game card with Team Mad and Team Glad and two lines for the respective teams +3/ +1/ -1;

An inflatable club;

An inflatable repair kit – FOR CLUB FIX;

A fold out instruction card and rules of the game;

A points sheet;

Grok’s words of Love and Sad;

A sand timer;

And some poetry cards.

What I liked about all these contents were that they were very much in the style of the Neanderthal theme, simple and with a touch of humour in both the graphics and instructions. I found the rules were quite colourful and had useful pictures but for me what worked well was the big warning statement just inside the instruction leaflet that states in bold black with a yellow background “Hey! Don’t read these rules! Reading is the worst way to learn how to play a game. Instead go online and watch our instructional video:”. I watched the instructional youtube cartoon and it was very clear how the game works. Basically your team member has to choose a card from the pile and describe the word on the card using words of only one syllable. Standing besides them is a member of the opposite team holding the inflatable “NO” club. If they say a multi syllable word the opposing team member shouts No! and hits them on the head with the club and they lose a point for their team. It’s really funny.

What is particularly appealing is that a complete game does not take long as you progress the number of correct answers on each turn (there’s a possibility of 6) and so to get to the finish line of 20 correct answers takes an outstanding player a maximum of four turns. This meant we could play several games in the evening. This is an easy game to enjoy anywhere as all you need is in the box- a great game to take on holiday.

We all agreed that we will definitely be playing it at Christmas with the extended family. I recommend that you go out and buy one now as a Christmas present for the whole family.

Rating: 5 out of 5

RRP: The price for the game: £15.00

This product can be purchased from the Exploding Kittens website here.

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