Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitizer Review

Sticky Hand Sanitizer 
Organic Children

Reviewed by Sue Surgey

As a pet owner and mother of 3 I use countless hand sanitizers and can honestly say there is none that have really impressed me enough to even remember their name… so I was really looking forward to reviewing this product! 

The packaging is fairly large in comparison to others I have used, but nonetheless not too big to fit in a busy mum's handbag/changing bag. The first thing I noticed was… it does more than you expect from a hand cleaner (not often you get more than you bargained for – a pleasant surprise!) you can use on little ones face, high chair toys etc… which is great when on the go – only thing is you need to remember to take a cloth (I remembered to pack a face cloth) – but I'm guessing a tissue would work just as well. The other thing that really matters to me is 'no nasties' I do not like to put products with parabens etc… on my skin let alone the skin of my little people and this has none! – which is great and in my opinion and definitely worth paying that little bit more for. 

The pump is easy to use and foam product suitably entertaining for a 2 year old not to mind using it, the scent is described as 'Citrus' however I didn't think it smelt very citrusy I could smell more of the Tea Tree, this is not a criticism and the smell is not unpleasant just not quite what I expected. It dry’s very quickly and does not leave your hands feeling dry at all – another bonus for me. 

So to sum up… size is ideal, ingredients are perfect for little people, scent is nice, it does what it says it does, you feel better after using it as hands soft and germs gone. Would I buy it? YES, would I recommend to others YES.

Rating: 5/5 

Availalble to buy from Green People here.

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