Organic Babies Baby Wash and Shampoo Review

Scent Free Baby Wash & Shampoo
Organic Babies

Reviewed by Jennifer James

The packaging is simple and trendy looking; it gives the impression of a product that will be simple and natural and therefore kind to my baby’s skin. The bottle is sturdy and of good quality showing that this is a premium product. It was nice to see a British flag on the label as well a charity donation, although it would be nice to know exactly which charities are being supported.

The instructions were clear to follow, a little does go a long way, and it was good to see a web address included on the label.

The one thing I did not like on the packaging was the certification information. On the front of the bottle the label states 83% certified organic ingredients however on the back it states 100% certified products. I felt this was confusing.

The baby wash worked well in the bath giving a good number of bubbles despite not containing sodium lauryl sulphate. The product as advertised on the label did not smell at all, which a number of other unscented products claim not to smell, but do! I have been using the wash for a few days now and have found that my daughter’s extremely sensitive skin- which was rough with a dry rash is feeling much smoother. I have tried a number of similar products but I have not had this success before so I am very pleased.

Although personally I do not look for the organic credentials on a baby product before I buy it I would certainly buy this product again as it has improved the condition of my baby’s skin considerably. Although this is clearly a premium product, the price is quite high compared to other products available on the high street so for this reason I would give it a 4/5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.25

Available to buy from Green People here.

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