One For All Smart Control Motion Review


One For All
Smart Control Motion

Reviewed by David Savage

Today I received the One For All Smart Control Motion. This is a handheld remote control for all your devices but with a great twist, it has motion control.

Once I set up my devices using the SimpleSet instructions, which are very clear, easy to read and understand, I was ready to start using the control and try out the new features.

You can control your devices by holding the remote and simply moving it. On my TV if I wanted to change channels I moved my hand to the right and back again and the channel changed up, left changed down. I could tap the remote twice on the side to mute the sound and when I wanted to turn off the TV I simply turned the remote over and my TV switched off. You can also fast forward, rewind and pause DVD, Live TV etc with a simple hand movement.

The remote is nicely designed, great quality, feels good and is fully backlit. It was very simple to set up and was ready to use within a minute on my TV using the SimpleSet but it also comes with a code book if the SimpleSet doesn’t work with your devices. You can control your TV, Satellite, Cable, Media, Amp, Tuner, Laser and DVD devices and all very easy to set up.

Getting the hang of the motion control takes a bit of getting used to but after reading the clear instructions and practising for a few minutes I soon got the hang of it and was very easy to use. You can’t wave it around like a Wii remote and expect it to work. You can’t move it too fast or too slowly but after a few minutes it is very easy to judge the speed of the hand movement required to operate the device. As well as the motion control it still has all the regular buttons on a standard all in one remote so can be operated both ways.

I love this remote. Very easy to set up and use and the motion control is a great touch setting it apart from other all in one remotes currently available.

I would recommend this remote and rate it 5 of 5. I could not fault it, the instructions were precise and clear, easy to understand and I was set up on under a minute.

Rating: 5/5

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