Maynard House Orchards Apple Juice Review


Maynard House Orchards Apple Juice

Reviewed by Lorraine Mirza

My husband and I both tried the Cox and Bramley apple juice. I thought it was really nice and it had that  just freshly squeezed apple taste which I believe apple juice should taste like, on the other hand my husband thought that it tasted quite sharp and he was not so keen on it. He really liked the taste of the Apple and Raspberry drink though, he thought the two flavours complemented each other beautifully.

I felt that the glass bottle and label on the front made it feel more like it had been made with care by someone rather than manufactured in the thousands on a production line so I would be quite happy to pay the asking price for the product and recommend it to other people.

This product deserves a 5 out of 5 from me

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