Old MacDonald Lotto Game Review

Old MacDonald Lotto

Orchard Toys

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I was really excited when I was approached and asked to review this game for as my daughter Kate 5 is autistic and has speech and language problems. She attends a special need school and uses lotto boards at school.

The first thing that caught my eye was the colourful characters on the box, Kate immediately recognised Old MacDonald and his farm animals and got really excited and pointed each animal out.

The game is designed to reinforce object matching skills, encourage observation and memory skills, to develop social communication and links with early learning goals and national curriculum literacy at key stage 1 level.

The packaging is very informative and the instructions are printed in 12 languages.

The idea of the game is that each player gets a lotto board and the 24 farm cards are then laid face down on a table, the youngest player then selects a card and if it matches one of the characters on their lotto board they either make the noise or action that the character they have. If the card does not match the board then the player shows what card they had and returns it to the table face down. The winner is the player who fills their board up first.

This game is an excellent sensory item as the children can learn their colours, animals, learn to take turns and share.

Kate thoroughly enjoyed this game and we played it for most of the evening, even Kate's 10 year old sister enjoyed the game. Kate loved making the noises of the different animals when she picked up a card and squealed when she won.

This game is a fantastic resource for children with learning difficulties and the age range of 2-6 years is great as we find although Kate is 5 her mental age is significantly lower as is her understanding so she didn't get stressed out as it was easy to understand.

I rate this product 5 out of 5

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