Olay Facial Mist Review


Reviewed by Julie Jessup

When I was chosen to review an Olay item I was very happy as I have been using various Olay lotions and potions for years and they have never let me down.

I was sent the Olay Facial Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence energizing Vitamin C and Bergamot. I could choose between a calming mist and an energizing mist, I feel I do enough relaxing, I know lucky me! But I really do need some energy.

The mist feels so good on your skin, I get so hot so this also helps to cool me down as well as refresh me. It contains Vitamin C which is a fantastic ingredient that improves skin health, it also improves collagen and limits skin damage this all helps the skins ageing process.

It has a very light fragrance of bergamot and citrus which left my skin looking bright and feeling alive. I used it before I put on my moisturising cream and as a pick me up. It can be used following a make-up application, but I have not used it in this way.

No oils, artificial colours or dyes are used in this product.

You must hold the mist, which is in a plastic, recyclable spray bottle, 5-10 inches away from your face and close your eyes. If you do get it in your eyes you must wash it out straight away with cold water.

I cannot say if physically it has given me more energy, however, I do feel my skin is more revitalised. Which is what it aims to achieve.

The product is made by Proctor and Gamble a very large company, founded in 1837. Olay previously called Oil of Ulay was introduced to us in 1952, it is an American skin care range and is one of Proctor and Gambles multi billion dollar brands. This in itself speaks volumes.

Olay has a vast range including, face treatments, cleansers and moisturisers. It is very well known for its anti-ageing properties which I personally look for in a product. I would rather have a tub of cream then surgery, we have all seen that trout pout look!

Olay does not test on animals and are in fact supporting the end of animal testing. They use what is known as ‘lab skin’ which is made in a laboratory and is the closest thing to natural skin. We know that products need testing before we can use them, and I personally want them tested but not on animals. So, Olay have come up with a fantastic solution.

Olay can be purchase in Boots, Feel Unique, Amazon, Superdrug and eBay, this is just a few places. All of Olay products are very affordable.

Olay also has a Wikipedia page, I am very impressed at the information and advice you can get from Olay including beauty tips

I would definitely recommend this spray mist. It is also ideal to pop into your handbag, good for a refreshing spray whilst on holiday and great to use in the office where I know my skin gets very dry due to lack of hydration.

It is certainly worth 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information visit www.olay.co.uk. Available to buy from Superdrug.

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