Jolen Crème Bleach Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

For many years, Jolen Crème Bleach has been the number 1 selling bleach brand in the world, used to treat unwanted facial and body hair. Jolen started in a small kitchen in America in 1947 and came to England in 1966. Nobody would ever have imagined it would become what it has today!

Personal grooming has become more and more popular recently, not just for women but also for men. There are many methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, including shaving, waxing and hair removal cream. None of these methods are without their own problems.

For decades, people have used Jolen Crème Bleach to lighten their dark hairs and make them less visible. Everybody I know who uses a bleach recommends Jolen and this is why it has become the most popular crème bleach in the world!

Growing up, I always had lots of dark hairs on my arms which used to really annoy me. Recently my daughter is going through the same experience and had been asking to bleach her hairs so she doesn’t have to worry about her hairy arms. We decided we would do it together and both of us would deal with the annoying arms we have had for so long.

The Jolen original formula has not changed much over the years. The packaging has been updated regularly but the ingredients remain relatively stable. Recently, they launched a mild formula containing less peroxide and added Aloe Vera to help with soothing the skin after its use.

The box is a turquoise colour with a picture of a rather beautiful dark-haired lady on the front. The box is fairly simple in design and does not need to be any fancier as its success speaks for itself! On opening the box, it contains a tub of crème, a tube of accelerator, a mixing tray and a small spatula. All of which are simply white with some turquoise lettering – very simplistic design. The instructions for use are on the box itself, not on the products inside. There is a clear recommendation to perform a patch test before every use to ensure that you do not have or have not developed an allergy to the product. This is clearly very sensible when you are dealing with bleach! There are also very clear cautions about using the bleach immediately after a hot bath or shower with a clear explanation as to why this is the case.

The instructions to use this product are clear and unambiguous. It explains how to mix the product, how to apply and how long to leave it for, making the margin for error very small. Mixing the product was simple as long as you follow what the packaging tells you to do. We both performed a patch test as recommended first and we had no reactions to this so proceeded with the application to our arms.

The original formula comes in 2 different sized pots – 30ml and 125ml. The larger pot is recommended for larger areas for example arms or legs and the smaller sized pot is for smaller areas such as eyebrows, facial hair etc. The 30ml pot retails at around £4 and the 125ml pot around £11.

We had the 125ml pot which was enough to cover the hair on both of our arms. Application was straightforward and we left it for the advised 8 minutes before removing the crème with the spatula. Removal was easy and the result was very pleasing. Following the instructions, we rinsed afterwards with cold water and started comparing our arms.  

Both of us were very pleased with the results and felt that our arms were much nicer with bleached hair instead of our usual dark hairs. We will have to wait and see how quickly our hairs grown and therefore how often we will have to repeat the process but at only a few pounds a time, it will be well worth the money. Neither of us reported any irritation to the area over the next few days which was good, as I wasn’t sure whether this may happen.

Jolen has proven itself time and time again over the past 50 years and really does not need my humble opinion on their product to enhance their sales, but I will offer it nonetheless. Myself and my daughter were very happy with the results we got from Jolen crème bleach and will definitely be using it going forward. There really is no need to suffer the embarrassment of unwanted hair when a few minutes can take those negative feelings away.

I would thoroughly recommend Jolen Crème Bleach to ladies or men who have unwanted hair which they don’t want to shave or wax. It is quick, simple and effective.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £4 to £11

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