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Olay Day And Night Duo Gift Set From Boots Review


Reviewed by Becky B

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If you’re like me, with so much choice for skin care products out there, different brands and ingredients, I always struggle to know which products are best for my skin and I am always reluctant to spend lots, in case the new products don’t suit my skin type, so I was really excited to be trialling the Olay Day and Night Duo Gift Set from Boots.  When I received the package, I had just returned from a long-haul flight and my skin was crying out for a pick me up.  I’m 40 something and had been feeling for a while that my usual skin care regime just wasn’t quite giving my skin what it needed.

The Day and Night Duo comprises of Olay Regenerist Day cream and Olay Retinol 24-night cream packaged together in a gift box.  As a mum, it can be difficult to prioritize your own needs, and this is a great idea for a pampering gift which will be truly appreciated.  The two creams come in 50ml pots and are a supply that will last at least a couple of months, the gift box, outer packaging and the pots themselves give the creams a luxury feel.  I tried the red pot, day cream first.  The box promises the cream will optimize surface cell renewal, hydrate and firm skin and has vitamin B3 and peptides among its ingredients.  I found the cream had a very light fragrance, not at all overpowering or perfumed like some mainstream brands I have tried previously.  The cream itself had quite a rich texture, which was a little surprising for a day cream and did take about 10 minutes to feel like it has fully absorbed into my skin, this may be because the day cream contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and prevent aging as a result of UV rays.  I found the Regenerist Day Cream provided an excellent base for my make up and even from the first use, my skin looked more radiant and even a little dewy but without looking greasy.

The purple pot, Retinol 24, night cream, contains a retinoid formula and states it hydrates for 24hours, smoothing skin texture and improving skin tone.  I found the night cream felt lighter than the day cream and had a silkier texture making it more easily absorbed into my skin.  The night cream is fragrance free and despite its lighter texture, I still found my skin felt well moisturised in the morning.  For my skin type (combination/sensitive – prone to breakouts) the lighter night cream was a bonus as I found it didn’t trigger a spot attack.  I followed the directions and used each cream once daily, morning and night as directed, consistently for 14 days and noticed in that time that the appearance of my skin gradually improved, becoming smoother and brighter and looking generally more hydrated.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the results of just two weeks of use and look forward to seeing the continued improvements of longer use.

This duo is packaged as a gift set and if I were to receive this as a present on Christmas morning, I would be very happy.  The creams are packaged in a pretty gift box, making it feel a bit more luxurious than buying the products individually.  They come from a company with a long-standing reputation for skin care and deliver exactly what they promise. As an added bonus, the pots look really pretty on my dressing table!

I would rate this product 4.5/5 stars.

RRP: £70 (but is included in the 3 for 2 Christmas Mix and Match).

This product can be purchased from Boots here

Rating: 4.5/5

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