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Nurtibullet EveryGrain Cooker Review


Reviewed by Emily

The EveryGrain Cooker from Nutribullet is the all in one answer to cooking rice and grains perfectly every time.

Rice is one of these things that I never quite get right- my sticky and lump rice is not a favourite in our home, so the kids were even more excited than I was to try the cooker out.

We started with white rice- using the included cup we measured one cup per person then added cold water up to the corresponding line on the cooking dish, turned the machine on and voilà, perfect fluffy rice!

The cooker is pretty compact in size but can cook up to ten cups of rice in one go so it is ideal for the bigger family or entertaining as well. It has a stylish grey finish so it an attractive appliance to have sitting out in your kitchen for regular use.

The use of the machine is pretty self-explanatory, depending on the type of rice or grain used, you add the rice then the water, close the lid and plug in the machine. It had six pre-set functions, so you select between white rice, brown rice, grains, oats, quinoa and steam and hit start and wait for your rice. The screen counts down the last ten minutes. It also automatically adjusts the cooking time depending on the quantity or rice or grain being cooked- how I’m not sure, but it does!

There is also a delay start option so if you have things to do or are at work, you can set it before you leave home (up to twelve hours) and come back to cooked rice/grains waiting for you. When the programme finishes, it automatically transfers to a keep warm mode which keeps the food hot for up to three hours.

The steam function can be used while you are cooking rice or grains so the complete meal can be cooked at once or the steam function can be used independently on the steam programme. For steaming, there is a plastic basket that sits inside the cooking pot above the rice. Anything can be steamed- vegetables, fish, chicken etc but the basket is a bit on the small side, probably ideal for one or may be two people but certainly not a family. A useful function to have but not something we would get use of on a regular basis.

The non-stick pot is easy to wash out after cooking and the plastic spatula included ensures the surface of the pot isn’t damaged when stirring or serving the food.

At a cost of £99.99 it is good value for money and is a useful and functional addition to any kitchen.

It can be purchased from www.nutribullet.co.uk and is currently on offer at £89.99. (editor’s note – at the time of writing the review)

The Nutribullet EveryGrain Cooker has been a useful appliance for our family and has encouraged us to eat not only more rice but to be more adventurous with grains as well. My next job tonight is to delay set the cooker, so porridge is ready for us getting up tomorrow morning!

This product can be purchased from the Nutribullet website here.

RRP: £99.99 (editor’s note – currently on sale at £89.99 at the time of putting the review online)

Rating: 4.5/5

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