NOW That What I Call Drive Review

NOWDriveNOW That What I Call Drive

Reviewed by Sara le Roux

‘NOW That’s What I Call Drive’ comes in an easy to open fold out case which is a nice change from having to wrestle with a flimsy plastic case that always seems to shatter at some point – usually taking part of your nail with it…

The CD’s have a good contemporary mix of music, with enough there to provide variety for a long journey, and even on shorter commutes it’s a good collection to help the traffic pass by. I have found some of the previous ‘Drive’ compilations a little heavily weighted on the rock genre so this latest release was a pleasant surprise. I did note that a large proportion of the compilation is male singers/groups but that may just be typical of the music industry and what is available.

The order of the songs on the CD’s isn’t to my personal tastes, but this is easily rectified using an iPod playlist – the number of songs that are contained on the CD’s certainly means that the compilation can hold your interest for quite some time without feeling the need to switch to something else.

Many of the songs were top hits in their day, and are still solid favourites. I do find that with some compilations there is always a CD that is just not as good as the other(s).  In this instance that is not the case and the quality of the selections has been maintained across all three CD’s.

Featuring Queen, Boston, Kiss, Pink, Anastacia, Gary Barlow and Miley Cyrus and many more among its 61 tracks there should be something everyone will enjoy. For full track listings click here.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from the NOW Music Store here.

4 half Star

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