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Spin Master Hedbanz Act Up! Review

Reviewed by Claire Giles

The basic concept of the game is a bit like charades but with a fun twist. Each player wears a band around their head and picks a card from the pile. On the card is written a thing, person or place. Each player then slips this card into the band on their head faced forward so the other players can see what it says but they can’t. Another player / or players has to then “act up” the word on the card without speaking, making noises, using props or spelling out words using your hands. Players can make a motion, point or do anything physical when “acting up”. This sounds easy but trying to “act up” some of the cards seems almost impossible at first and this is where the fun starts. Watching family members running around the room trying to “act up” the cards was hilarious and had us laughing out loud whilst the guesser attempts to figure out the word on the card.

The instructions were clear and concise and we were playing the game within minutes of opening the box.

We did have an issue in that my ten year old daughter did not know what some of the words on the cards meant, especially the people cards, and therefore couldn’t act them out. The second time we played the game we removed the cards with words she didn’t understand to make it more user friendly for her. We though also spent some time explaining the meaning of the cards she didn’t understand so unintentionally it added an educational value to the game for my daughter!

This game was great family fun to play for all and would be great for family gatherings. I can see us playing this game again and again.  The winner is the first person to get rid of their 12 tokens by either guessing the card on your head or by “acting up” to help another player guess theirs.


Box contents: 6 different coloured headbands, 6 player cards (matching headband colours), 1 die, 1 20 second timer, 180 cards and 72 tokens.

Hedbanz Act Up is family fun for 2-6 players, age 8+.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.99

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4 Star

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