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Air Storm Sky Ripperz Review

AirStormAirRipperzAir Storm Sky Ripperz
3 Pack

Reviewed by Hannah Abbott

A great toy that gave children of all ages plenty of fun on an otherwise miserable rainy day (I’m sure 26 and 32 still count as big kids!)

Finding a break in the rain we headed to our local park to find a big open space. Luckily with the weather being as it was there weren’t many people around so that we could play without much concern for others as this toy is basically a slingshot and 3 rockets. It took me and my sister a few attempts to work out how to use the slingshot, we found that the worded instructions weren’t great and ended up just copying one of the pictures on how to do it. After a few attempts we started to teach the kids how to do it.

This toy is recommended for ages 8+ this is due to how difficult it can be to get the hang of the slingshot. My 7 year old niece took a little longer to get the hang of it and needed a little more help than my 9 year old niece initially but by the end of our play session they were both as good as each other. As with all toys that have a high recommended age range there is always a concern about younger children that we may have so we took out my 2 year old son as well. He had a great time just throwing the rocket and watching it spiral and fall whilst his cousins took it in turns to use the slingshot.

The 3 rockets were perfect for us as each child had their own colour, this will be great for if they start making competitions of who can fire it the furthest. Although they weren’t that brightly coloured for when we got it stuck in a bush we really struggled to find it.

A great feature of this toy is the ability to make it whistle. Our first aim was to learn how to fire the rockets in the slingshot, but once we mastered that it then became who could make it whistle? We could have played with these rockets all day long.

This is a toy that needs a large open space that isn’t heavily populated as these rockets can go high and far when you get the hang of the slingshot.

As this is a children’s toy I thought I would include the comments from everyone who helped me test this toy

“Amazing”- my 9 year old niece
“It’s great fun” – my 7 year old niece
“Please” – my 2 year old son (we had just packed the toy away and he wanted it back)
“When can we play?” Me (26) and my sister (32)

I would rate it 5 out of 5 but only if you have easy access to a large open space, no houses/cars nearby that you could damage.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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