Norvell Dazzle Shimmering Mist Review

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

Well it is fast approaching, yes the season for fun and frivolity, meals out and parties. So this means glitz and glamour. Wherever you look at Christmas and New Year’s Eve you will find us ladies doing the best to sparkle, so of course that means we not only need the right outfit but the right accessories to make this happen.

I was sent a lovely product by Norvell that would make us glisten all the way!

It is a beautiful shimmering mist in a very easy to use spray bottle. It is a golden colour, made with glitter that can be used all over your body and face. You can even use it in your hair, She just sweep it all across and wait for it to dry then you are ready to be the belle of the ball. Do not expect to be covered in glitter, it is quite subtle, but then I personally would not like to look like I belong on a Christmas Tree.

It also has an amazing smell so I would not wear any perfume with it.

The bottle is only a 4 fluid ounce size but a little does go along way. You can also add this to your usual moisturiser. It can be used on sensitive skin as it is naturally infused with aloe vera. I have used it to trial and I love it, however I have lost it to my daughter as she loves lots of glitter. So I have come to an agreement that we will share it!

It is cruelty free and the bottle is also endorsed by cruelty free international. It is in a plastic bottle that is fully recyclable.

The company is based in America, but you can buy the products worldwide and they are often used in tanning salons. In America they have an education programme to train people to become professional tanners.

When you buy the mist online, some companies offer a  free sponge applicator, it would have been useful to have one sent with the product but in amongst my beauty boxes I found a new one that I could use to even out the sparkle.

What I really like with this product it did not look like a glitter ball mess as other products I have used similar to this have literally come out in big clumps, the glitter is so fine that it does not do this. So it did look as if it had been applied by a professional. 

Norvell have many tanning products for different occasions and uses. I love to have a healthy glow, but I am not a sun worshipper I would prefer to look tanned the healthy way. If you do already have a tan, then this beautiful mist does accentuate it. So you will look like a golden goddess and not look like you have been dipped in a bottle of self tan!

If you want to shimmer and shine this is really worth trying and is very reasonably priced.

This would make an ideal little stocking filler for Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.99

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