Nestlings Interactive Pet Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

My seven-year-old daughter loves all things cute, fluffy and pink, as I think most girls of her age do. Throw in a bit of glitter and sparkle, and some lights and you’re well on the way to the perfect toy, and add in a couple of babies to look after and you’ve probably hit the nail squarely on the head! Well, we were hopeful we’d found exactly that with a toy that seems to tick all of her boxes – Nestlings!

Nestlings are super sweet and fluffy interactive pets with a difference: these ones give birth to their own babies! Of course, that’s not all they do – like lots of interactive pets, they can communicate with you, they love affection and interaction and they will even play little games! They look like a super-sized, super fluffy hamster, but with enormous eyes and a light-up, love heart tummy. The Nestlings are available in pink or teal and are stunning in both colours, although we were sent the pink one for my daughter to try out. The Nestling comes in a very sweet box with a little gap at the top where you can see her eyes poking through. Through this gap, you can feel just how soft and fluff she is, and look straight into her eyes which is particularly nice as with Nestling, her eyes really are a window to her soul! Contained in the box is:

  • Nestling mummy
  • Nest
  • 2x nestling babies in eggs
  • Instruction guide

The Nestlings require 3x AAA batteries, which aren’t included and that fit into the back via a compartment accessed with a screwdriver. Her interactive features are her pattable head, her nose button, her light-up, multi-colour eyes, her light-up heart in her tummy and her feet, which contain ‘baby sensors’ to allow her to interact with her babies.

My daughter thought that she was absolutely superb, and quite possibly the cutest creature she had ever seen! From the moment you switch her on, she starts chattering away to you in her own, unique, fluffy language, which isn’t a problem as she also communicates how she feels through her eyes. As well as being glittery, with beautiful long eyelashes, they also light up in different colours to indicate how she’s feeling and what she needs from you. They light up:

Purple I am very happy
Pink Give me love and kisses
Yellow I’m hungry
Red I’m upset
Blue I’m feeling musical
White I’m feeling sleepy
Teal I’m happy
Rainbow A baby has grown

When you know how Nestling is feeling, you can decide how to respond to her. For example, if her eyes glow pink, you know she needs love and kisses to be happy. If you stroke her head and love her, she’ll soon tell you that she’s happy and her Nestling chatter will sound happier! You can even push her nose and she’ll kiss you back! If she’s hungry, you can push her nose to give her something to eat. You can even hear her comping her food, so you know that she’s had a good feed, and then she’ll be happy again! When her eyes go white, they mean that she’s tired, and she needs to have a sleep on her nest – again, you can hear her snuffling and snoring whilst she’s asleep and we all thought this was super cute! But the most exciting time is when her eyes light up with rainbow colours! This means that she is super happy and has grown a baby which is ready to be born!

My daughter was most amused that the Nestling’s baby would be ‘born’ out of the same place that human babies were born! When your Nestling is ready to have her baby, you need to sit her on her yellow nest and wait! You’ll hear some rumbling and hey-presto, when you lift her up, there might just be an egg in her nest when you pick her up!

The eggs are re-usable, so your nestling can have her babies again and again, so be sure not to lose or throw away the plastic eggs. You pop egg open to reveal which baby your nestling has had. Each Nestling has two babies inside her – we got a yellow baby and a purple baby in ours. As well as interacting with you, the Nestling will also interact with her babies which is great fun! If you hold her babies to her feet, she will sing with them, and if you hold them to her nose, she’ll give them a kiss!

There are full instructions included with her, so you can easily see how to ‘re-load’ her – it’s not the most dignified of positions for her, but it does mean that unlike one of the big interactive toys of a few years ago, the babies can be born again and again, so you won’t miss a one-time-only big moment whilst you’re having  your dinner!

We have loved playing with our Nestling. She’s super-soft, very cute and my daughter has loved caring for her and her babies. They would make a brilliant Christmas present for any child who has a nurturing streak, and my daughter is absolutely delighted with hers. It’s lovely that they’re both soft and fluffy, but also interactive. An easy 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

Available to buy from Amazon, Smyths Toys and Argos.

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