Nerello Mascalese Garganega Vino Spumante Review

NerelloMascaleseGarganegaVinoSpumanteNerello Mascalese Garganega

Vino Spumante

Reviewed by Dorothy White

The San Leo Nerello Mascalese Garganega Vino Spumante is a very popular Italian sparkling wine and comes in an attractively shaped bottle which is made of clear glass. It has a champagne type cork of course which is wired down. The Vino Spumante is very pale pink in colour.

I very carefully released the wire holding the cork in place, having first put a towel over the top of the bottle. As the cork eased itself out of the bottle I waited for the plop! The contents did not spray out!!

This Vino Spumante, even though BRUT has a very pleasant flavour, I was really surprised as I am not a lover of dry wines. It has a great fruity flavour.

I tried it with Chilli con carne, but I imagine it will go well with all kinds of meats.

I think this will be a good purchase for a quiet Valentine’s Day meal in and apparently is excellent with strawberries.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £10.49

Available to buy from Waitrose or online from Ocado here.


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