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Nell And Percy Personalised Santa And Reindeer Coloured Wooden Train Review


Reviewed by Amy Peacey

My daughter had just turned one so it is great to try new products especially around Christmas time.

The wooden train arrived in a canvas bag which will be brilliant for storage, after Christmas.  It has a drawstring on the bag so the train will be safe and sound until next year.  The train was packaged well when it arrived and survived on our doorstep in the rain for a couple of hours.  The packaging from the supplier was fully recyclable.  The train arrived quickly after my initial email exchange with the supplier.  The supplier was lovely and very professional in the exchange which gave you confidence that you would receive a quality product.

The train I received was personalised for my daughter.  The train has a reindeer as the first carriage, followed by the letters of the child’s name and then finally Santa in the last carriage.  Each letter is a different colour.  The train carriages are held together with a simple hook and eye mechanism.  The fixings are gold which look nice and are very sturdy.  Each carriage has little wheels so it can be gently pulled along.

The train is 43cm in length and each carriage is 10 cm high and approx. 5cm wide.  You can display the train straight on in a curve and it looks great with the other decorations in the house.  The train is well made and doesn’t have any sharp or rough edges so ideally for children.

You can have up to 15 letters in the train and the price of the product is dependant on the number of carriages requested.  You can also request a personalised canvas bag, at extra an extra cost.  Percy and Nell also sell variations of the train.  We were sent the Christmas version but they also have unicorn and dinosaur versions which would not only make great Christmas gifts but gifts for other occasions.

My daughter is just over one and is a little heavy handed so not ideal for her to pull around as it does fall over.  The train did not come apart just some of the carriages fell over.  I would suggest that the train is more of a beautiful ornament for a small child rather than a toy.  The Percy and Nell site suggests that the train should be an ornament for children under the age of 3.

The Percy and Nell website is dedicated to personalised goods which range from gifts, like the train to clothing and accessories such as hats and bags.  There is a wide range of products for babies through to adults.

The retail price of the train we received, with 5 letters, would have been £23 without the personalised bag.  If you include the personalised storage bag the price would have been £31.  The trains range in price from £17 for one letter to £53 for fifteen letters.  The product is great quality but personally I am not sure I would pay £23 and certainly not the extra £8 for the personalised bag.

Rating: 4/5 – the product is very cute and well made but the price is a little high, especially if you have a child with a long name!

RRP: £17 – £53

You can buy the train from Percy and Nell here.  

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