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Reviewed by Sean Davies

The Moshi Monsters have splashed down in the National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham and have made waves.

The National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham was already a wonderful place to visit full of breath-taking tanks containing all manner of sea life but thanks to the Moshi Monsters and a new penguin enclosure, it is even better. From otters to jellyfish, sharks to turtles, the centre is packed with something that will peak every bodies attention.

The newest enclosure and probably my new favourite is the Penguins. The indoor enclosure has numerous levels, on ground, partly submerged and a viewing hole to see the penguins swimming under water. The penguins were very active, swimming around and playing in the water, drawing gasps of “Wow” from our children. I am no expert on penguin emotion but they certainly looked very happy. The surrounding area is slightly chilled giving the impression of being in the penguin’s natural habitat and there is even a giant block of frost that the kids can leave their hand prints in. The penguin talk, performed by one of the very helpful SEA LIFE centre staff, was very informative, describing the penguins journey from New Zealand and gave a bit of detail about what the penguins have been up to since their arrival in the UK (there had been an engagement between 2 of the penguins!).

Throughout the rest of the SEA LIFE centre, the Moshi Monster were hiding in the various tanks. Now, our children are a little too young to appreciate the Moshlings just yet, but the way that the series had been implemented into the SEA LIFE centre was commendable. On arrival, the kids are given a “Moshi Marine Force Booklet” which combines Moshi Monsters with bite-sized pieces of info from around the SEA LIFE centre. The book also contains a check list of Moshlings which are hiding around the centre. As you walk around the centre, stickers of Buster Bumblechops indicate that there is a Moshi Monster hiding in the tank and you have to really search to find them. This is an amazing way to encourage appreciation of sea life as well as learning by combining the popular Moshi Monsters. About half-way around the SEA LIFE centre is a swap station where the kids can swap their Moshi Monsters for other ones, trading in a few common Moshi’s for rarer ones. This is probably worth the trip alone for budding Moshlingologists.

The whole centre is exciting to walk around and is capped off by a stroll through the aqua-tunnel where we got to meet Moe the turtle and a few sharks. The kids were wide-eyed and enraptured by the sight, with water all around and they loved it.

Overall, The National SEA LIFE centre is an amazing day out. The new penguin enclosure if the best I have ever seen and offers some unique views of the feathered friends in the UK. The ingenious incorporation of Moshi Monsters will keep any fan of them happy the whole way around and the surprise at the end is a must for any Moshi Monster fan.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost £20.95 (adult or child) and £17.50 (family price, 2 or more individuals). Book online in advance and save up to 40% making entry as £12.50 per person.

Opening times: Monday t0 Friday: 10am-5pm, Weekends and Holidays: 10am-6pm

For more information or to book tickets visit

National SEA LIFE centre, The Waters Edge, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B1 2HL


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