MyDome Light Switch Timer Review


Reviewed by David Savage

I recently received the Light Switch Timer from MyDome for review and it is a great easy to install, easy to use home security product.

With the Light Switch Timer you can program your lights to switch on/off at times of your choosing while you are away from home.

Once I received the timer I was eager to fit it and see how it would work (or even if it would work). First I had to decide what room I wanted to install it in, so I choose the bedroom. In the packet there are 2 pieces for the timer; the cradle and the timer unit.

Fitting is simple and all that is required is a screwdriver to loosen the screws on the switch plate on the wall. First I switched off the mains power (don’t want any accidents!). I then loosened the screws on the switch plate so that the plate came off the wall a little bit (you don’t have to remove it completely). One the switch plate was loose I slid the cradle over and behind the switch plate and screwed the switch plate back into place (no need to touch any wires!). I then turned the mains power back on. At this point I inserted 2x AA batteries (not supplied) into the timer and manually switched on the light and nothing happened! It did not work! After quickly looking through the manual I soon realised that I may have an older type light switch but there was a fix for this, in the packet was a plastic n-spaced spacer (I originally thought this was just part of the packaging), so unscrewing the switch plate again I removed the cradle and inserted the n-shaped spacer into the cradle and then fitted again to the switch plate, hey presto I could now manually turn on and off the lights once the timer was inserted.

Now at this point all you have is a cradle over the light switch but you can still turn on and off the light manually.

Now for programming the timer itself. This was far simpler than I would have thought. On the back of the timer there were 2 wheels. Just pop these out by putting a finger behind them as push out. Now depending on how many switches on your switch plate (I only have one) depends on where you place the wheels. As I only have one switch I placed in the centre position (clearly marked 1, but you can configure for 2 and 3 switches as well). This done it was now time to program the light to automatically come on.

First I set the date and time on the large LCD display (just press enter, select day followed by hour and minute buttons to set the time). The LCD display also show temperature. Now that the timer unit was displaying the correct time I didn’t want to wait until dark to see if the unit worked so I set for 5 minutes later.

Programming the timer is very simple and has a variety of different options on the 7 day digital time with 9 programs per day should you require it and has the following different day modes for easy programming:

1 – Every Day
2 – Week days from Monday to Thursday
3 – Week days from Monday to Friday
4 – Weekends from Saturday to Sunday
5 – The whole week from Monday to Sunday
6 – -:– (no day)

For my first try I just set it to come on daily for the whole week at the same time. To do this just press the program button and PROG will flash on the screen, press the DAY button to select the days required, again to the same for HOUR and MIN. When finished press ENTER. I then put the timer into the cradle and waited for five minutes (the time I had set) for the light to automatically turn on. Five minutes later the lights came on! I had set the timer to turn off a minute after coming on, which it did.

I have since been setting different programs and times and the timer always switches on and off the lights at the set times and days.

The timer also has ON and OFF buttons so you can manually turn your light on and off yourself. Or if you are at home and don’t need the timer you can just remove it from the cradle and operate your light switch as normal (although you still have the cradle on the wall).

Overall, this light switch timer is a very easy to install and use security device to turn on and off your lights at pre-programmed times. There is even a special Night Timer feature that when set randomly turns on the light between 1am and 5am for 3 minutes every day (this is handy for if you are away on holiday to give the appearance of someone being at home as the light comes on at different times on a random setting so no one gets used to the timings).

The only very small negative I found, although if you are only using the timer when away from home you wouldn’t notice, is when the timer comes on/off the mechanical wheels (these move up and down to turn the light switch on or off) are quite loud for a few seconds. As you realistically are only using this device when you are away from home this isn’t exactly a problem and even if you do leave the timer in the cradle when you are at home this noise only lasts a few seconds.

Even though the timer is loud when at the times when the wheels move I would have to rate this 5 out of 5. It is easy to install without the need for any wiring and the programming of the timer is very simple so anybody can set it.

Now obviously this is only for use in one room but you could buy others for different rooms and have them programmed for all different times should you require it (might be useful for very large houses).

I am very impressed with the timer and its ease of use and it is definitely something I would recommend for home security. The Light Switch Timer from Switched On Products is an inexpensive product to increase the security of your home and act as a burglar deterrent.

As the police advise leaving a light on when not at home what a better way of doing and saving electricity by installing this very simple device and having your lights come on for a set period of time on the days and times of your choose.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

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