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50 Fun Games For On The Go Review

Reviewed by Louise Best

I held some apprehension before receiving this product as I couldn’t quite believe there would be 50 games for on the go! When the product arrived I was taken back by how small the box holding the game cards was. It is ideally compact and can easily fit into a travel bag or small suitcase for day trips or holidays.

The design of the packaging is bright and bold, so it wouldn’t be hard to locate it amongst the kid’s toys, shoes and socks in the back seat! I like the fact it is so colourful and striking. Instead the box you will find an introduction to 50 games on the go with details on the illustrator who gave the product series it colourful angle. A brief introduction to the game and a few tips are also included.

You will then find 50 game cards ranging from ‘What do I mean?’, ‘Who sees it first?’ and the classic and popular ‘I Spy’ game. The game cards are bright and colourful with eye catching illustrations, and I can understand why the illustrator was given a special mention within the introduction.

My daughter had great fun with these games getting both myself and my partner involved during our journey when we were out for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed these games, great fun and we had lots of laughs along the way! We will definitely make sure this is in our travel bag every time we are away on holiday or day trip.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product as it relieves much boredom for young children on long car journeys. The price of £4.99 is a very reasonable; I’ll be looking out for more in the series as we thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

Suitable age: 5 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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