My Name Label School Starter Pack Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

For families with young children, only one thing in August is guaranteed; and it’s absolutely not the weather. It’s the expense of purchasing school uniform, school shoes, PE kits, stationery and all of the other seemingly endless, sometimes useless, but always expensive, paraphernalia. And the worst part of this experience is knowing that by Christmas, your child will have lost, misplaced or swapped two thirds of it, and you’ll have to start the whole process again over the Christmas holidays.

We were, therefore, over the moon to be asked to try out the School Starter Pack of name stickers, iron-on tags and more from My Name Label.

I was given instructions to log on to their website, and try out the order process for myself. I logged on to and found the website to be very simple, attractive and user friendly.

The thing that sets it apart from other products I have bought in the past is the ability to actually design the labels for ourselves. My 7 year old daughter and I went through the process together and, whilst I found it simple, she, bizarrely thought it was fantastic fun and I think she would have spent a couple of hours playing around it various designs if I had let her.

There was a choice of colour, layout, little pictures, font style and more. There are plenty of colours to choose from (13), but we went for simple bright blue with a lovely little mermaid motif on the side. There are 4 fonts to choose from, and an abundance of motifs as well as the option to have the text spread over one line or two.

We really liked that we could see the design as we went along, and we felt confident that the finished product would actually look like the one we had designed.

The package arrived just a few days later in the post and we were absolutely over the moon with them. The name labels and stickers are a kind of plastic, rather than the usual nylon type ones and the colours are so very bright and vibrant. We received a selection of large and small iron on name labels, a selection of stickers, a bag tag and a pair of shoe labels.

The application instructions are really simple. It’s just a case of placing the tag in situ, covering with the supplied paper and ironing. They look just as bright in situ, and lose none of their clarity from contact with the iron. The adhered really well, and I can tell that the bond is super strong.

The shoe stickers sit under the child’s heel inside the shoe, and they simply stick into place, then are covered by a secondary, clear, sticker to prevent any of the label rubbing off onto the wearers socks.

Finally, the bag tags are strong plastic tags, approximately credit card sized, with an elastic loop to attach to a book bag or school bag.

We are absolutely delighted with all of the products we were sent. I have washed a couple of the uniform items several times to test for durability and they haven’t shifted at all. There is absolutely no peeling or signs of wear. They were also an absolute doddle to apply, and added to the fact that my daughter is so delighted with the mermaid motif, we really are delighted.

The stickers are ideal for stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles, books and plenty more. We’ve used them on her flasks as well as her scooter and helmet so far as several children on our street have similar toys. They seem to be quite simply the best stickers we’ve ever used. They’re plastic rather than paper, and they just won’t budge, even after a run through the dishwasher.

We’ve not had call to use the bag tags for school bags as yet, but have attached them to their theme park flasks (as everyone who visits this theme park has identical, branded flasks). It when she left her flask on the picnic table, it meant we could identify her flask immediately, so paid for itself in that first outing.

We really are impressed with My Name Label, from the order process, delivery, customer service and product itself, everything has been absolutely brilliant.

I would, and have, recommended the company to lots of my friends.

The School Starter Pack consists of: 20 big stickers, 20 small stickers, 20 mini stickers, 3 pairs shoe labels (plus protective overlays), 1 bag tag, 25 standard iron-on clothing labels and 20 mini iron-on clothing labels (navy blue lettering).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22

Available to buy from My Name Label here.


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