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MusoDJ Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

Are you a family like ours that always likes to play games on Christmas Day night to burn off some of the Christmas pud? Struggling to find that new idea once you have exhausted the age-old charades and desperate to avoid Twister??? MusoDJ is a great choice!

It’s a modern twist on the old-style “Name that Tune” type game. We’ve had the CD version and now, there is the music app version! But if you’re a music lover, this is definitely the game for you.

So, you may guess that you need a music streaming app before you can play this game!

What’s great about this game is that it doesn’t take much packing – it comes in a rather compact, but robust box with a nice plush velvety interior. This version says that it is the updated version with enhanced gameplay, so I’m not sure what the original version included. In this box, you get 20 white “sing” cards; 100 yellow bonus point cards (although these seem to just be points cards, as these are really the only way you can earn points); and 150 black playlist cards.

Each person takes it in turns to be the DJ – you start by taking a black playlist card and then you need to choose a song that you know from your music-streaming app that relates to that playlist.  The other players have to try to (a) guess the song, (b) guess the artist and (c) guess the playlist that’s written on your card. Every time someone gets any of those categories correct, they get a yellow “2 bonus points” card.

If you fancy sneaking in some further bonus points, you can pick up a white “sing card”. This means that you have to sing/perform that song for everyone else to get a further 3 points.

The first player to 35 points wins! With 9 points for grabs on each round, this can be a nice quick game too (although the box suggests a play time of around 30 – 90 minutes, I guess depending on number of players). So, if you fancy a family game that should not see you battling to win until the early hours, but could see you all having a nice sing-a-long to all your favourite hits (or guilty pleasures!) – and even encourage a bit of dancing! This may be one to get your party started! I’m sure it will have you rummaging to the back of your mind for songs that you haven’t heard in ages when you see some of these playlists (e.g. singers with great dance moves; “euphoric” dance anthems; killer tune!; hits from when I was a kid).

If you can’t think of any songs linked to your playlist when you’re on the spot, you can simply type that playlist category into your music streaming app and it should come up with some good ideas.

It is suggested that this game is for children aged over 12 years, but actually I think younger children who are into music could probably play too, but you may just need to avoid certain playlist categories that they either may not understand or may not have experience of. Otherwise, as many players can play as you like. It is suggested that it is for up to 10 players (presumably due to the number of cards you are given per pack), but I am sure this won’t stop more people joining in, or taking part as teams over the festive season.

So, crank up the speakers and play MusoDJ!

A novel twist to the age-old name that tune style game using a music app. A great idea for a family and friends party game this festive season!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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