Museum of Science and Industry Review


Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Reviewed by Samantha MacKenzie

I took my family to MOSI today, the mad bunch had a great time! My family of me, over grown kid other half, typical "it's so unfair" teenage boy, young Hermione Granger and nearly 4 year old princess of crazy.

We started with a wander about, was a little overwhelming…. there is so much to see and do. There are complimentary maps available which are very handy.

Ventured over to the 4D theatre in the 1830 Warehouse, we watched 'The Sleigh Ride', it feels a little pricey £4 adults/ £3 children, but it was amazing!! It is worth doing at least once. It was the first time the girls had experienced 3D, they loved it! It was so good it impressed a teenager.

We looked around lots of exhibits, including the Chinese Community Exhibition. There is so much local history to explore there.

Spent quite a lot of time in the Power Hall, there are so many engines to watch. It is truly mesmerising, watching clogs and wheels turning, knowing the difference each machine made, how it changed the world of industry. It inspired questions from the kids, so I did have to read around the exhibits to explain. I did know enough about Mass spectrometry, displayed in the Great Western Warehouse to answer the questions myself!! My random knowledge shocked everyone!

The Air & Space Hall, it's got cars in too, which the boys loved. There is such a variety of planes, really early ones to massive war planes. There are lots of things to talk to the kids about, lots to explain.

We had a little snack in the coffee shop, and some lovely hot chocolates which warmed everyone up on a chilly day. I took the older two to the Planetarium Show, as it's for over 6's, the other half and Princess Crazy went off exploring.

The Planetarium Show was done by Naomie, who was truly expert! She knew how to reassure the children about being in the dark. Showing us the night sky and explaining the constellations, she sounded truly enthusiastic; she answered the questions a young boy asked. He is clearly hoping to be an Astronaut when he grows up, and had an array of off the wall, random questions which Naomie could answer!! We could have listened to her for hours! There is a small charge for the show, but again, it is unmissable.

While we'd been exploring the galaxy, Princess Crazy had been treated to a snack in the restaurant.

There is so much to do, so much to explore and learn, it really isn't just one day out. It's free entry (a suggested donation of £3) and with the workshops, and exhibitions, it is worth breaking it down, doing regular visits. The restaurant worked out at good value for money. It is possible to make a day of the visit without spending a fortune.

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