Munchkin Winnie Click Lock Flip Straw Cup Review


Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

I was very keen to try this cup as we have had several disasters with leakages over the months. I have tried lots of different kinds and have not found one that ticks all the boxes.

Amy loved the look of this cup as it was bright and eye catching with Pooh bear and Piglet motifs. The cup had the mandatory pink on it so that was one box ticked. The click action meaning you know when it is closed was very useful. The bottle is also BPA free which is important to me.

I cleaned the cup then filled it with juice but nothing would come out. Amy was getting very frustrated so I tried to get some juice but nothing was coming up the straw. I had to take it apart again and sort of waggle the straw to make it work. Amy could barely close the cup herself and when she opened it again juice squirted out the straw spraying several of us sitting at the table. Amy found this hilarious! The cup didn’t leak which was another tick in a box (has 100% leak proof technology) but I wouldn’t buy this cup again as the squirting juice trick is wearing a bit thin.

Suitable for 12 months +

Rating: 2/5

RRP:  £4.49

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2 Star

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