Mud Daddy Review


Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I had seen the Mud Daddy advert pop on Facebook almost daily for months now and I am not going to lie, I was extremely happy to learn that I would be receiving one to review.

The instruction booklet is really easy to follow,  however I found attaching the hose to the water container was a little tricky, only because the tubing is quite stiff and it is important you push it on far enough before securing with the washer.

I have a 2.5 year old cockerpoo that I want to be able to live his best life when we are out walking, however with the weather changing for the worse and many walks taking place in the dark the idea of having to hose him down when we get home is not very attractive. 

Yesterday seemed as good a time as any, it rained all day, the grass was sodden and the park was full of muddy puddles- did I stress when he ran through them? not at all. I had pre-filled the Mud Daddy with warm water and left it with the dog shampoo by the door. My cockerpoo has quite short legs and therefore his under belly attracts the silt and grit from puddles and streams. His paws had been through thick mud and he was soaked.

To begin using the machine, I started to pump to gain pressure in the container and opened the water outlet so water streams at a steady flow from the brush. The water was still warm, and the container allowed me to give him a rinse, shampoo and thorough rinse down with enough water to clean down his muddy jacket too. I received the 8L version and this was plenty big enough for a cockerpoo sized dog. The videos on Facebook show dogs just standing there but my dog is not that well behaved and sees being cleaned down as an extension of play- with the hose this a bit easier but I overcame this with the Mud Daddy by gently holding onto his collar to keep him with me. The machine makes no sound, and this is a real benefit when your dog is scared of his own shadow. He seemed happy enough to have warm water washing over him and I was confident of no paw marks on the floor once he had been dried.

Today, I semi-filled the container as the walk was more over pathways with less time in grassy areas, that didn’t stop him finding fox poo and having a roll! Anybody that has a dog, knows that fox poo stinks and is not nice at all! However, having the mud daddy ready meant just a quick pop in to get the fox poo shampoo and a few minutes later, we had a sweeter smelling, clean pup again.

I am sure that this piece of equipment is going to be used again and again, especially when my pup loves to roll quite often. We are also partial to longer walks in the forest but that means a car journey, having the Mud Daddy in the boot for Barney and all the wellies is going to make the journey home a lot cleaner.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: from £39.99 depending on the size purchased.

The Mud Daddy is available from: Available from:

as well as Amazon and the 8 L Mud Daddy RRP £49.99 however there is a 10% discount code available on the Mud Daddy website now with free delivery on orders over £50.

The Mud Daddy is available in a range of colours and sizes ranging from 5L (RRP £39.99) and 12L (RRP £69.99).

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