Marine Miracle Creme Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

My product arrived in a normal envelope. However, inside this, was a rose gold jiffy envelope which immediately gave a sense of luxury with regards to the product. The only words on this envelope were on a smart looking sticker (with a rose gold border and beige background), sealing the envelope at the back “Transformulas. Beauty without surgery” with the website address at the bottom I was very intrigued. Upon opening this envelope, and unwrapping the tissue paper, there was a small square cream coloured cardboard box with a pale green band in the centre of the front and sides of the box. This band was edged with a glossy green slightly wavy line which helped to give the image of ribbon sealing the box. The name of the cream was clearly visible on the top and front of the box in the centre in dark grey lettering ‘MARINE MIRACLE CRÈME’. On the top, there was also the company logo and the fact it is a signature moisturiser. On the front, there was a little more information informing me that it would rejuvenate, hydrate and firm my skin – boy I was looking forward to that! It also mentioned sea kelp and algae and vitamin C and E so I assumed these were in the crème but were the Vitamin C and E in addition to the sea kelp and algae, I was a little unclear? It also mentioned 50ml/7 fl oz, so I knew how much cream I had. On one side of the box, it mentioned in more detail some of the ingredients and what they do; where it is made and in small letters a very important fact which is that it is not tested on animals. On the other side in very small letters, there is a list of all the ingredients plus in bigger letters, what the crème will do. “firms and tightens; restores elasticity; regenerate skin cells; nourishes and plumps; smooths and softens; anti-fatigue and skin enhancing; rich and lightweight; healing and restorative; minimises fine lines and wrinkles.” I envisaged a new younger me.

On the back of the box, it stated the same as above but in sentences. This all looked very promising. The only thing I was unclear on was where to put the crème and how to apply it as this was not mentioned at all on the box. I opened the box and found a most attractive aquamarine coloured ball container. I loved the colour. I opened the ball by unscrewing the top and found a white plastic cover which I then removed and discovered the white silky looking crème. No instructions on this gorgeous looking container but when I looked inside the box, I found what looked like the sheet of paper you find with your prescription medication to tell you when you should not take the medication and the side effects involved. I opened this sheet and found in small letters in 13 different languages again what the crème does and then the application. It would be good if these instructions were on the side of the box in English along with all the other English words. The instructions were “Use on freshly cleansed skin. Apply a thin layer of Marine Miracle Crème over the face, neck and decolletage. Designed for all skin types. For best results apply daily, morning and night for the ultimate skin results.” I felt the company let themselves down by not having the application on the box but at least I now knew what to do. There was also warning information rather like the prescription medication sheet and this was straightforward and clear. That night I decided to test it out so once I had washed and dried my face, neck etc, I was ready for the crème. It said apply does that mean apply like a face mask (the crème type, one only used before Covid), then rub it in? Do you apply it the same way on the neck as on the face? For a novice in skin creams, this is vital information that I needed. Anyway, I decided to apply small thin blobs of crème which I rubbed in gently, in circular movements. The next morning, I found a spot next to my nose and as I am not prone to spots realised, I may have not done “thin” enough so after cleansing my skin I applied even smaller blobs but repeated the same procedure as before. The cream was easy to apply and soaked in quickly and had a pleasant smell. That evening, I felt my skin was more pump and it also felt very soft. After a few days of applying the crème, I think I noticed less wrinkles, but they had not all gone but there appeared to be less of them. My husband said I did look younger so that was a huge plus. An interesting tip I found on the company’s website is
“Our Marine Miracle Crème is a brilliant multi-tasking cream designed to be used on your neck and décolletage as part of your daily skin care routine. It’s also a perfect instant moisture boost for your face. Apply a little on top of your make-up to freshen it up at the end of the day.” That is worth having a go, but I have not done so yet.

Would I continue using it? Yes, as I have nothing to lose and my skin does feel taut, and therefore there must be less wrinkles and it does feel much softer.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £61.78

This product can be purchased from the Transformulas website here.

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