Moving Your Family Overseas? These Tips Will Make It A Breeze

Moving anywhere with your family can be stressful. Many of us know all too well the familiar sight of stacked cardboard boxes, scattered possessions and handwritten notes littering our now-empty house as we prepare to move to a new home. But what if the move isn’t just down the road, or to the next town? What if you are taking the plunge and moving both you and your family abroad? A huge amount of people move overseas every year, either on a temporary or permanent basis – and everyone has their individual reasons for doing so. Some of us move for work, some for weather, and some simply because we want to experience a different culture. There’s no doubt that living abroad has its benefits, both for you and for your children. However, the process of getting there in the first place is not always a smooth path. In order to minimize your stress and make the journey as easy as possible for everyone, here are some hints on how to deal with moving your family overseas.

Get your kids involved early on

Keeping your children separate from the decision to move is a recipe for disaster. You may have already decided that the move is final, and it may well be – but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be involved, and have their say. Younger children may struggle to grasp the reasons behind the move (especially if it for work purposes) and can become distressed at the thought of leaving behind their family, friends and even their school. Keep your kids in the loop throughout the whole process, and make sure they know that they will still be able to see/speak to friends and family even after the move.

Get the legal bits out of the way

With the world not being as free as it used to be, there are plenty of processes you and your family will need to go through to legally enter a new country as a resident. In some cases, you may not even be able to live in the country of your dreams due to strict immigration laws. But with a solid Immigration Solicitor fighting your corner, you should be able to make the process of obtaining visas as easy as possible.


Get your transport organised

Piling everything into the back of your van, or using your usual delivery courier, unfortunately, won’t work in this situation. You will need to transport everything overseas either by air or by boat – and this includes large items such as your car. Depending on your budget and personal taste, it can often work out cheaper to ship out your existing car rather than buying a new one out there. You will also need to make sure that you obtain an international driving permit before you start using your car abroad. Otherwise, you could be driving illegally. It also never hurts to make a point of learning the local highway code of wherever it is you are moving to – and make sure you drive on the correct side of the road!


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