MooGoo Day and Night Pack by Moo Goo Skincare Review

Reviewed by Hannah Chan

As I opened the product I was instantly drawn in by the smell of strawberries in the packaging paper, it was so strong that I could still smell it a few days later. It was a lovely sweet smell and I would actually buy that as an air freshener!

The packaging it was sent in and the packaging used for the bottles are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable which is a huge bonus for me! I prefer more ethical companies who take the time to research and develop their products ethically so these guys ticked all the boxes there.  The tubes used are around 30% recycled material.  I also read that they are made in their carbon neutral factory!  

The box which I received was a Day and Night Pack, which retails on the website at £38.99 and is worth every penny! 

In the box are a Day cream which has SPF15.

I love this cream. When you put it on yes it does make your face go white, but it doesn’t last more than a minute and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. When applied it felt thicker on my skin than I was used to and you do need to rub it around and in a bit, but after a minute you can’t feel it anymore and it’s fine to add your makeup. I also noticed that after a couple of hours when I used to notice dry patches around my nose and had to reapply moisturiser, that with this one I didn’t need to which was great.

Also it’s good to know that you can use this as a bit of extra sun protection if you’re like me an often forget to apply suncream to yourself.

A Night Cream (75g)

The Night Cream is to be applied at night, which I have been doing. According to the booklet that came with it and the website it is meant to help repair your skin and break down dead cells so they can be washed away in the morning. When applied it is thicker and a little more oily than the day cream but sinks in quickly and spreads well, I liked how my skin felt afterwards.

The only thing that got me was the strange smell. I assume it is from the added lactic acid because I have had creams with lactic acid in before and they all have a very strange smell to them. The smell doesn’t linger and you can only smell it when you apply the cream but it is a bit off putting, I can’t describe the smell but it’s a little sweet like playdough and sour milk.

Saying that though in the morning my skin did feel refreshed and didn’t feel dry. I usually wake up and the problem dry areas on my face were not dry but not greasy either like I get with some creams. Some creams bring me out in spots in the problem areas (around my nose and mouth) but this didn’t and even after 4 nights my skin was still lovely and smooth.

After the success with my problem skin areas I actually used it on my scalp because I sometimes struggle with dandruff (Thanks menopause haha) and it did actually work! And it didn’t make my hair all greasy so I am happy it has another use too.

Both creams come in a handy pump meaning you don’t need to use greasy, fresh moisturised hands to replace any lids etc.

Also included was my favourite of the three, the Cow Lick Lip Balm (5g).

It is full of vitamins and oils like coconut and sweet almond oil. It claims to help heal cuts and damaged lips, mine aren’t damaged at the moment so I can’t comment on that feature however I fell in love with this lip balm the moment it touched my lips! It smells amazing, a mix of orange and coconut and almond and it makes my lips feel smooth and moisturised. I had to try really hard not to lick my lips 😊 .

As a company I really like how all their products have a story behind them and how they were all created with love for personal reasons. At first I was a little confused about their branding (the company name and the pictures of cows over everything)  as when I looked at the ingredients lists on the items they didn’t actually contain any milk so I was curious, however the website explains all and it full of interesting little snippets of personal stories. I like the personal touch.

You can find the products on their website here  and it is worth noting they provide free delivery for orders over £45 and offer a refund if you are not 100% happy with the products. I certainly wouldn’t have sent any of these back though they will now become part of my skincare routine! I would certainly purchase them again for a birthday gift or for Mother’s Day! 

They also have a fabulous looking pet care range with fully edible and non toxic ingredients called Dr Zoo. Definitely a brand I will try in the future.

I rate this product at 4 stars out of 5.  It would have received the full five had I been able to get past the smell of the Night Cream. Saying that I am only 4 nights in to using it and I am sure I will eventually get used to it but it is strong enough that it might be enough to stop someone using it and waste the product. The product itself is actually fantastic but I can see the smell being off putting.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £38.99

Available to buy from here.

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