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Play Hooray Play Prompts Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

With the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation I have found myself at home with my daughter for at least the next 4 weeks as her school made the decision to close. 

Keeping any child entertained for weeks on end is a job and a half but throw Autism into the mix and it becomes a mammoth task. 

As parents we are always on the lookout for something fun to do on rainy days or whilst stuck at home so I was really pleased to received an Easter Play Prompts package from Play Hooray! 

Play Hooray was founded by Claire, a mum herself who wanted to show that play could be had from the most random of objects!  

Claire is incredibly passionate about play and her bright and imaginative business shows this clearly! 

Play Prompts are small packets of cards aimed at a specific time of the year, place etc and really do provide hours of fun.

Play Hooray Play Prompts

My daughter is 13 and has a learning disability and Autism. Although she is 13 in body, she isn’t 13 mentally so does enjoy simpler games and activities which are usually aimed at a younger child.

We received the Easter Play Prompts and the packaging is a very eye catching pink colour and fits in very well with the Easter theme with its cover use of an Easter egg on the box.

Upon opening I found a small pink folder holding the cards in place and a money off coupon for another pack. 

There were 12 prompt cards each with a play prompt on each side, so 24 ideas for Easter play! 

Each card is made of white card, each decorated with the wording ‘mini play peompts’ and ‘Easter’ and the prompt itself is in an entirely different font meaning it kept our attention.

My daughter and I had a good look at each prompt and soon enough found ourselves slicing potatoes in half and digging out the poster paints in order to create an Easter Egg-stravaganza! 

Play Hooray Play Prompts

I asked my daughter which prompt was her favourite and straight away she said the salt dough recipe! 

My daughter loves anything she can get her hands into and is very sensory motivated so I found most of these prompts really helped. 

Each prompt is simple and requires very little time or material in order to complete.

My daughter has really enjoyed using these cards and over the next 4 weeks I am sure we will be digging them out most days when the boredom of being at home kicks in! 

I’d like us you are looking for a fun test inexpensive activity then I suggest you visit the Play Hooray website and take a look at their online shop.

As Easter is approaching I think these packs would make a great alternative to an Easter Egg! 

These play prompts are so much fun to complete and are a great way of getting our young people away from screens!

My daughter would be delighted to receive these as a gift this Easter or for other occasions over the year! 

Rating 5/5

RRP £5.75 plus postage

Available to buy from Play Hooray here.

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