Oggs Celebration Cake Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

I received my cake all smartly wrapped with beautiful paper ribbons.  What is beautiful about this packaging is that it is ALL totally recyclable – even the plastic is biodegradable.  I love the fact that, given the focus on climate change and plastic reduction that a small company such as OGGs can ensure that their packaging is totally recyclable – why can’t some of the larger companies be this responsible!  Thank you OGGs!

It also comes in a jazzy box covered in gold stars – just what you need for a celebration!  Nice design and makes it clear on the box that this is a vegan-friendly cake.

As OGGs’ marketing leaflet says, “Until further notice CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!” and this is exactly what I think we should do.  Let’s stay positive and celebrate if we can.

The final day of primary school for my son came a bit abruptly last week without note, not even an assembly, as the kids couldn’t congregate together!  Not only was it the last day of school for who knows how long, but it was our friend’s 7th birthday!    This poor little boy was already in self-isolation and so couldn’t be with his friends on his birthday, so as school broke for “spring” (rather than summer!), we took our OGGs vegan-friendly celebration cake round to his house to celebrate! 

We opened the cake and left it on his doorstep and then rang the bell – we jumped back to an acceptable social distance (taking care to keep the correct distance between us as well) and as the door opened, we burst into rapturous song!  “Happy birthday to you”…….. The birthday boy, his mum and sister were moved to tears and laughter. 

It was a moment we won’t forget for a long time and what better way to celebrate than with this vegan-friendly cake which is now in Waitrose at the great value price of £8.

My friend quickly cut the cake into slices – took their slices and then placed the cake back down for us to take ours…..What did we think?  Would it be as tasty as a traditional chocolate cake?

We were most definitely NOT disappointed.  It was so yummy  – every single slice was gone within seconds and for those few seconds no-one spoke!  They just enjoyed the deep chocolatey taste, the moist cake and the very rich chocolate cream icing on top.  As well as lots of lovely white chocolate stars and rolls of chocolate flakes that top the cake, there is a golden glitter spray, which adds to the wow factor.  It looks ostentatious, but at only £8 is such good value.  We got 10 slices out of the cake and all had plenty for everyone.  It is quite rich, so you would not need a huge slice.

OGGs have created their very own egg substitute, Aquafaba to make this vegan-friendly cake.

and I have to hand it to them – usually cakes made in an “alternative” way often lack something:  too heavy, not sweet enough, lacks flavour – but NOT this cake.  It tasted even better than most shop-bought cakes.  Scrumptious!  It is clear from OGGs marketing strapline that they put care for the planet into everything they produce and, at this time, where focus needs to be on climate change and saving our planet for our future – you can now enjoy this luxury without the guilt!

I think Colin the Caterpillar and his friends will have to watch out.  I think the OGGs celebration cake will be our “go to” celebration cake from now on!

Use any excuse for a celebration now and get this cruelty-free chocolate cake – Scrumptious!

Rating: 5/5

RRP £8.00

For information on stockists please see the Oggs website here.

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