Monsoon Candles & Diffusers Review


Reviewed by Carolyn Dewey

I do love a scent in the room, I have a background in floristry, so I loved the Monsoon candles and diffusers. The packaging is sumptuous, with different flowers on each scent, the Grapefruit and Vetivert (£16.50) is in a black and pale pink floral and the Amber and Frankincense (£16.50) is in a black and darker pink and plum shades, again floral. When opening the outer cellophane packaging I could smell the fragrance strongly straight away. Once I opened the floral packaging, I noticed the glass casings on the candles, they have a stylish circular patterned motif in silver for the grapefruit and Amber and Frankincense has a gold motif, these are also on the base of the diffusers too, eye-catching! I have put the two candles on the edge of the bath for when I have my me time pamper bubble bath time, to make it feel relaxing. They are ideal as they have lids on them too which is good to keep them clean. I have put one diffuser in the living room so on entering the house you are greeted with the warming and earthy scent of Amber and Frankincense the other fresh scent of Grapefruit and Vetivert I have put in the downstairs bathroom.

The diffusers are easy to put together, take off the collar of the silver or gold/just unplug the plastic stopper and pop the silver/gold collar top back on and pop in the wooden sticks, I prefer the diffusers in the house, as no flame, which is good especially when you have children in the house, who are a bit clumsy. On my return from being out in the snow for about an hour, I was pleased to notice the fragrance as I came in, the warming tones of the amber and the exotic earthy Frankincense and then again in the bathroom, the sophisticated Grapefruit and Vetivert which is fresh and light. The scent is definitely not like a basic lemon smell, more complex and a scent you might find when going for a spa.

I have tried a quite a few candles and diffusers, quite often a supermarket brand and have found them disappointing, not as strong as they are in the candle area in the shop when you get them home. I don’t tend to splash out on a luxury one for myself. I would say this is a great gift for a Mother’s Day present, maybe the 35 plus range, being much more considered than a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers or an addition to these and will last much longer. Often this time of year mums are on a diet in the build up to summer! A candle or diffuser, is one of those finishing touches that women love to make the house a home with feminine style, and this added luxury packaging makes it a special gift. At £16.50 each (RRP: £17 each), I would say this is at the premium high street price, but I would expect to pay that for Monsoon.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17 each

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