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MO By Modibodi Leakproof Men’s Briefs Review


I was intrigued when asked to review the MO leakproof men’s trunks. I have been a long time user of the parent companies period underwear and have always found these to be excellent and the absorbency is outstanding so I was confident enough with this product to give them to my beloved grandad to use and feedback to me how he got on.

When the product arrived I was impressed with the high standard of packaging, the briefs came in a paper envelope very discretely and elegantly packaged and the briefs felt very high quality. The material was lovely and the absorbing pad wasn’t too bulky which was one of my concerns. The trunks we received were navy blue and around the waistband the branding MO was added on which gave a fashionable look.
I gave these to my grandad to try out as he has recently undergone treatment that has affected his urinary continence. He is a very active and was happy to give them a go. After a day of wear he sent me the following.

‘These were a great product and I would buy and use. So I’ve better than using a disposable product that is hot, uncomfortable and makes me feel very self conscious, I was comfortable in these all and there were no mishaps!’

The design of the briefs makes them look like a normal pair of briefs, these would be suitable for men of any age and look like a fashionable choice which could really help confidence with people, particularly younger men who may feel self conscious about any continence problems they may be experiencing. I am also really keen on the environmental benefits of this products. The disposable options available are often unpleasant to use, hot sweaty and contain more than a small amount of plastic! For people who have ongoing issues and want the assurance of knowing they are covered in the events of leaks the option of using these reusable and washable pants would hugely decrease their environmental footprint. After use these washed really well and I did wonder if they would take a long time to dry with pad of fabric but they dried quickly on the line in the sunshine.

I was interested myself in the absorbency of these, the pack said they were moderate-heavy absorbency and when my Grandad tested them he wore them whilst on his weekly golf trip. This involves him being very active, walking, bending and sitting and is a situation where he is very prone to leaks. These briefs rose to the task and he had no leaks through them and there was also no feeling of wetness for him and no worries about odour.

In summary I would whole heartedly recommend this product and my grandad has asked me to purchase him a few more pairs. Having seen and handled the product myself they are something I would buy without a second thought for my husband if the need arose. There can be a stigma attached to these kind of products, particularly for men but when products are as thoughtfully designed and elegantly marketed as these are it can really help to alleviate that and to help people find normality in difficult situations.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27.00

This product can be purchased from Modibodi here.

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