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Terrys Fabric Review


I was lucky enough to receive three fabrics from Terrys Fabrics. When they arrived in the post, I was impressed with how well they were packaged. There was an outer plastic bag with my address on it. When I opened the package, the fabrics were inside a Terrys Fabric good quality plastic bag. I was reassured that had my package been out I the rain or left on my doorstep as some delivery drivers do then there was no chance of the water penetrating through to the fabric.

When I lifted the fabrics out of the bag the first thing, I noticed was the quality of the fabric. I could feel the weightiness of the fabric and it felt luxurious. The fabrics color was bold, so often I have fabric that almost looks like it has been through the wash and the color looks muted however this looked striking. The first fabric is a navy blue and white thick striped pattern quite nautical in appearance. The second is a sky blue with white small splodges on, they are almost cloud like in appearance. The third has a pale green background almost a sage type color with white dachshunds. The dachshunds have blue ears. All three fabrics coordinate well together picking up the blue from each other they compliment each other well.

I decided to make some bunting for my daughters’ room as she is a big fan of dauchounds. I found a lovely pattern and began to cut my pieces. Pinning the pattern to the fabric was a dream, even though the fabric is thick and luxurious the pin glided through with no problems and did not leave obvious pin holes when removed. Cutting the fabric was very easy to do. There were no issues and I got a nice neat cut. The fabric didn’t fray like some do either.

When I have made bunting before I have had to back the material I have been using as when I have put the fabric up it was see-through and did not look great. This fabric however is of such good quality there was no need to do this which cut the work in half, it also meant I didn’t need to buy some plain fabric for the back or use double the amount. I wanted to cut the edges of the bunting with pinking shears to give a crinkle cut. I have done this before with fabric and it has frayed and looked awful. As I mentioned above this fabric did not fray, when I cut the edges it looked very smart and stayed neatly cut with no fraying.

Sewing the fabric was very enjoyable, it glided through the machine with no problem. I very much enjoyed working with this fabric. Next I would like to make some cushion covers for my outside seating, the nautical look of the colors and fabrics with the playful addition of the dachshund will make them attractive in an outside space. My daughter is over the moon with her bunting!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £40.95

This blue fabric can be purchased from Terry Fabrics.

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