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D.I.Y Crystal Art Kit Review


Reviewed by Emma Booth

I was gifted a DIY Crystal art framable‘s kit for my daughter to try out.  We received two different designs a unicorn balloon or lion design but my daughter decided to do the unicorn Balloon picture first.  Both designs were 16cm by 16cm.  The kit comes in a box containing everything needed to complete your masterpiece including the frame for your finished art work.  All the different colour crystals come in individual packets and there are little zip sealed bags to put the open packets into which I thought was a brilliant idea.  There’s also a little tray to put the crystals into while you’re working on a certain colour.

To pick up the crystals you have a pick up pen and a square patch of jelly wax which you dip the end of the pen into which then picks up a small amount of jelly wax to make picking up the crystals quick and easy.  I thought the kit had been very well thought out it was all of good quality and simple instructions that were easy to follow.  The box says suitable from six years plus which I think is an accurate age due to the fiddly small bits.  My daughter is nine and this is perfect for her.  The picture is about the right size for someone around that age as it wasn’t too big that she lost interest, nor was it too small so it take just the right amount of time to maintain their concentration.

It took my daughter a couple of hours spread over a couple of sittings and she thoroughly enjoyed creating this.  I also enjoyed having a go myself and after looking through the catalogue, I realise there were craft kits aimed at adults as well with a much bigger pictures with more detail.  The unicorn balloon is £7.99, which I think is unbeatable value when you think this is a great quality product which will give hours of enjoyment and then to be able to put it in a frame that is included to be able to enjoy forever.  I had a quick look on the website and thought it was great that you could also buy spare pick up pens, jelly wax and anything else you might need individually or in cheap packs.  With everyone being at home more I was glad that my daughter enjoyed completing this as it got her away from technology for a while and was something we could do together.  As we got two packs we had a spare pick up pen so I could enjoy helping her and it was lovely to enjoy some quality time together, so maybe I would suggest buying an extra pick up pen if you’re just buying the one pack.  There are so many different designs that I’m sure whatever the age there will be something that will appeal to everyone and look brilliant once completed and in the frame on show.  I think these are brilliant activities and we thoroughly enjoyed doing them.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99

This product can be purchased from Crystal Card here.

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