Mini-U 5 Pack Bath Bomb Gift Box Review

Reviewed by Lee Westwater

I was sent the 5 Pack Bath Bomb Gift Box to review.

The product was well packaged, the bright colours and theme on each bath bomb (princess/superhero) made it super appealing to my 9 and 5 year old children!

Each box had a different theme/colour, we tried out the princess (pink) and superhero (blue) first. The bath bombs were wrapped in cellophane inside the box and had a large enough gather for us to rip it open (normally cello covered bombs are a nightmare to get into, this one was very easy!).

The smell was gorgeous and fruity and took around 5 minutes to fizz completely in the bath, turning the water a fantastic pink and blue colour!

My only downfall was when the bath bomb fizzed away to reveal the surprise inside it was encapsulated in a pill shaped capsule. I felt this sent the wrong message to my children and explained to them that this was the only instance they were allowed to be near such a thing. The capsule melted away to reveal a spongy shape with the kids loved!

The bath bomb left a lovely scent in the bathroom which lingered for a few hours, no residue or colour stain was left in the bathtub, neither on the kids. Their skin smelt fruity and is free of parabens which makes it fantastic for my eczema suffering daughter!

I would recommend this product, especially as a gift! Would be fantastic if the sponge was hidden in a different shape other than a pill like capsule. We will definitely try out the other Mini-U products on offer, fab alternative to kid, especially with sensitive skin!!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.75

Available to buy from Mini-U here.

4 Star

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