Miners Cosmetics Fluro Gloss Review

Miners Cosmetics
Fluro Gloss

Fluro Gloss is a collection of day-glow glosses that really will take you back in time and give you that Saturday Night Fever! The neon glosses will give a barely there, edgy tint to your lips and leave them with a gorgeous, ultra glossy finish.





Fluro Gloss (Fever)
My first impression of this lip gloss was how bright and bold the colour was although once applied it was nowhere near as bright. The gloss comes in a 12ml tube and is clearly labelled and the brand really stands out. The gloss went to smoothly with the angled nozzle and stayed in place for well over 4 hours. The gloss had a lovely sweet flavour which was not too overpowering.
Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Fluro Gloss (Thriller)
The colour of this product shocked me as it was lime green and very bright but went on a lovely clear, shiny coat with a subtle hint of green. The bottle is 12ml and comes as a squeezy tube which makes applying it a doddle. I love this shade, in fact I love Miners glosses as they are an absolute bargain and stay in place.
Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I love the vibrant neon colours that this lipgloss comes in. The little tubes with a slanted top make it very quick and easy to apply. They taste and smell lovely and give your lips an extra glossy finish. It has a very smooth and silky feel on your lips. I think they are well worth the price and i would use them again. I would recommend them to friends. I would rate them 4/5.
Reviewed by Charlotte Green

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