Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar Review

Lush Christmas Eve
Bubble Bar 

Having used LUSH bubble bars before, I knew this wouldn't disappoint!

Being called the 'Christmas Eve' bubble bar, I was expecting it to have a Christmas aroma to it, however it didn't smell of Christmas at all.  It's still gorgeous though, with a fresh clean smell.  The bubble bar is a blue colour with a yellow moon embedded in it.  It would be perfect to use in your children's baths on Christmas Eve to wind them down and hopefully send them off to bed calm and ready for a good nights sleep!

You crumble the bar under running water and very quickly you'll have a bath full of inviting bubbles!  I didn't use all of the bar, probably about a third – so I'd say you could get 3 uses out of it which makes it very good value at £2.95.  My skin was left feeling soft and silky smooth and I would highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by Claire Davison

My first impression of this Christmas Eve bubble bar came before I even got to the it as it came in a very christmasy candy cane like paper bag.

Upon opening the bag I was met by a lovely looking blue bar with a yellow moon in the middle that reminded me of late night sky, and a delightful floral smell. Needless to say I couldn't wait to jump in my bath later that evening! 

I broke off a bit of the bar and crumbled it under the warm running water, it dissolved into my bath quickly and easily and left a slight bluey tint to the water which made my bath nice and inviting. The bar produced a fair amount of bubbles.

The smell was nice and not too overpowering, the bubbles left my skin silky soft and feeling moisturised and smelling 'LUSH'.

Overall a nice soap but the name was a little misleading as I expected maybe a cinnamon, spiced apple, winter spiced smell and that's not what I got, but I wasn't disappointed with the way it smelt. I would recommend this more for women and children as the smell is quite feminine and the colours and the moon are child like. 

Rating: 4 out of 5
Reviewed by Emma Baker

I was surprised at how many bubbles I got from just a small piece broken off this. I did not like the fragrance – I would have expected a Christmassy scent. But it was fun to use. The price was OK as I would have bought them as gifts for friends and family.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Reviewed by Lisa Dawson

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