Milkysnugz Baby Bottle Comforter Review


Mason the Mouse
Baby Bottle Comforter

We were delighted to receive the Milkysnugz baby bottle comforter to review. They come in six different design of animals (bear, dog, elephant, hippo, mouse and rabbit) and we received Mason the Mouse (who apparently loves to nibble cheese sandwiches, ride around in toy cars and loves to wake up to a cuddle).

The Milkysnugz is a great idea, it helps keep the milk in a bottle warm and is also a cuddly toy all in one.

We have Avent and bottles and the Milkysnugz fits perfectly on them. We received the universal one that fits all bottles (£21.99). There is also the Original version that fits most bottles excluding Tommee Tippee bottles (£15).

Putting in the bottle was very easy, there is a zipper around the base which gives easy access to slide the bottle in. It fits nice and snuggly around our Avent bottles and has a viewing window in the stomach of the mouse so you can see how much liquid is left in the bottle.

As for being a cuddly toy, it’s great. It is very soft with bright colours and our daughter always has it whether she has a bottle or not, she loves it.

Overall, we love the Milkysnugz. It is easy to fit and secure, it keeps the milk warm and is easy to see how much liquid is left without having to remove the bottle, it’s bright and colourful and can be machine washed. It also makes the bottle easier to hold for our daughter and helps develop fine motor skills. Plus due to extra bulk around the bottle it also stops the bottle from slipping between the sofa cushions.

At £21.99 we feel it is slightly on the expensive side but our daughter loves it so we are happy and are considering buying another for when this one is in the wash.

As the packaging says. Milkysnugz: Hugz your babies will love. We have to agree.

Rating: 4.5/5

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