Matt Lucas My Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Silly Book Of Jokes And Merry Christmas, Baked Potato Review

Reviewed by Sandip

We were lucky enough to be chosen to receive a ‘fun bundle’. I wasn’t really 100% sure what to expect but knew it had an element of joke in it and given the current situation we all find ourselves in, who doesn’t want a bit of a giggle?

The box arrived and I unpacked it like an excited child. Out came a whole host of Matt Lucas’ paraphernalia to do with his ‘My Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Silly Book of Jokes’. We received the joke book itself, a door hanger, a mug, a whoopie cushion, a silly notebook, Matt Lucas’ new book “Merry Christmas Baked Potato” and a small bag of Reindeer Poo! Brilliant!
With regards to the book it says on the back cover that “if you’re planning on reading this very very very very very very very silly book of jokes, there are some things you’re going to need:
Spare pants In case you wet yours
Needle and thread In case you split your sides
Large box In case you laugh your head off (you’ll still want to keep it, right?)”

This isn’t a book of original Matt Lucas jokes, but then normally his target audience isn’t kids. As an adult you will have heard all these cringe worthy jokes, but that is what a kids joke book should be about, the classic, cheesy, groan inducing jokes. This is very much a book aimed at primary school aged kids who are at a reading age level of around 7 years I would say. I have a just turned 6 year old who isn’t fluent at reading so is unable to pick up this book and read it, but his 9 year old sister is and he is more than happy to sit and giggle with her as she reads out the jokes. The book also has some great illustrations with a cartoon image of Matt Lucas himself. My kids have watched this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off so they knew who Matt Lucas was which they liked too, rather than it just being a random joke book.

The other items in the box were funny little items for the kids too. A plain papered notebook for them to write their own jokes, which if you have young kids, can be the most random jokes!

The whoopie cushion is also going to go down well with kids. This should create a lot of silly laughs at the Christmas table! They weren’t that bothered with the door hanger or the mug. It’s a robust, thick well made mug so this will definitely get used for a long while. Perhaps it will get used a lot during next years Bake Off if Matt is host again!

The second book is his new book Merry Christmas Baked Potato. This is a colourful book, on not only the cover but the pages inside too. The illustrations are similar to the one involved in the joke book and very much aimed at the attention of young readers. It’s a very well written, captivating rhyming book which is just fun! I mean it’s Santa, as a baked potato! The vocabulary is great, the rhymes are fun although sometimes hard to ‘rhyme’, the pages are printed a good quality glossy paper and it’s just a great stocking filler for Christmas. As is the joke book. This Baked Potato book is probably more aimed at 4+ year olds.

So in terms of my aged kids, the 6 year old has taken the Christmas Baked Potato book, and the 9 year old has taken the joke book. As for the Reindeer Poo (chocolates), they are for me.

Merry Christmas, Baked Potato Rating: 4/5 RRP: £5.99
My Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Silly Book of Jokes Rating: 5/5 RRP: £6.99

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