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Mason Cash Dinnerware Review


Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

When the opportunity arose to receive some Mason Cash stoneware, I was excited. What I thought I was going to receive, were four very stylish simplistic new plates to replace the ageing ones in the cupboard. What actually arrived was a full dinnerware service, including; 4 mugs, 4 cereal bowls, 4 side dishes, 4 dinner plates and 4 pasta bowls.  I was correct in assuming that the dinnerware would be stylish, yet simplistic. The service I received is the Mason Cash Linear range, in the cool blue but the range is also available in white.

I have been a home owner since 2003 and have exclusively owned white dinnerware during that time, I have never been drawn towards a colour dinner service but I have to say this set is swaying my colour phobic mind. It is such a beautiful shade of blue and the style and design is so classic and stylish. It is a very homely set, the blue is soft and the linear detail has me envisioning a modern comfy cottage, eating surrounded by family and love and yet, with hot weather and BBQ’s the set wouldn’t be out of place eating in the garden.

Being a working and studying mum of two, the fact that the dinner set is dishwasher and microwave safe is a must. For me the dishwasher element is the most important of the two options as the microwave is used for nothing more than heating dishes before serving up.

This set super stylish and I may have to just save it aside for “best”. One of my favourite components of the set are the pasta dishes. These are perfect for not only pasta but slow cooked stews. They are deep enough to have a healthy portion without splashing sauce everywhere.

Another fussiness I must confess to are mugs, I cannot drink from glass mugs and china teacups are a no no, I like a good solid mug and although these mugs are a tad small for my morning brew they are perfect for a normal tea-drinker, what I mean by that is I would make 3 mugs this size at once just for me I need a family size pool mug to wake me in the morning.

I did seriously consider keeping the linear range for a best set but after using it have decided that the old white set can take a back seat for a while and we can dine in style from now on. The range is high quality and therefore that is reflected in the individual prices. The range is sold as separate pieces which means that you can mix and match the pieces, blue and white to add another dimension to your dinner table. I cannot wait until I am able to entertain again and show off my beautiful new crockery set. If being in your 40’s means that you get excited about plates and bowls, then I am embracing the decade and look forward to what my 50’s may enlighten me too. For now I will stay extremely happy with MY posh dinner service, if you are looking to overhaul your dining set I 100% recommend this range!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: starts from £5.99 for the dinner plates, £4.99 for the bowl, £6.99 for the pasta bowl and £5.00 for the mugs.

The range is available from a variety of outlets that can be found using the Mason Cash website here.

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