March Beauty Round-up Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

I am a real beauty junkie and love trying out new products so was thrilled when I was asked to review a selection of new beauty products. It was exciting waiting for the parcels to arrive and having the opportunity to try out products and brands that were new to me.

Humble Natural Beauty is the brainchild of popular TV presenter Kate Humble. When she couldn’t find natural and biodegradable beauty products that not only smelt lovely but were nice to use she decided to create her own products. Kate worked with a team of experts to develop the Humble range and together they have created a range of fabulous products with a selection of deliciously fragrant sounding aromas that are suitable for all the family. As well as looking and smelling amazing they are also kind to the environment, being free from SLS and parabens. I don’t normally take much notice of celebrity endorsements, especially for beauty products but natural beauty products seem to fit well with Kate’s image and I can see why she has created this range.

The bath honey (RRP: £12), infused with the scent of rose and frankincense is packaged in a simple dark glass 275ml jar with a screw top lid. As soon as you remove the lid you get to smell the amazing fragrance which becomes more intense once you add it to running water. Do be careful when pouring as it is quite runny and if you’re not careful you can soon use more than you need to! The bath honey made perfect soft bubbles and felt lovely and gentle on my skin, leaving it gently scented once dry. An added bonus was the bathroom smelt amazing afterwards. This is a lovely product and one I will be keeping for myself for pampering nights! It would also make a nice gift for a female friend or relative

As well as the bath honey, I received two different Humble hand products, a hand cream infused with the scent of sweet pea and verbena (RRP: £8) and a hand lotion infused with the scent of rose and frankincense (RRP: £8). I spend a lot of time outdoors and my hands do become dry so I use hand cream several times a day.

The hand cream was the perfect consistency, not too thick where you need to rub your hands a number of times to absorb it and not too thin where it runs through your fingers. It felt silky and smooth and was a real treat for my hands. The floral fragrance was initially quite strong, just like the scent of fresh sweet peas but it did gradually fade leaving my hands feeling soft and pampered. The handy 75ml tube is perfect to keep in my handbag and I will definitely be buying this again.

The hand lotion wasn’t quite as thick as the hand cream but was just as nice, leaving my hands soft and smooth and smelling amazing. It comes in a pump action bottle so has found a home next to the kitchen sink so it is handy to use after washing my hands. The bottle is 285ml so is a good size and as you only need a small amount it will last a good while. Fragranced with rose and frankincense it is a real treat for your senses.

I am really impressed with the Humble products and if you are looking for natural beauty products with incredible fragrances you should give these a go.

Rating: 5/5

For those who prefer a shower to a bath, Seascape, a company from Jersey, have some lovely products, it’s not a brand I had tried before but with 28 UK beauty and travel awards I had high hopes and wasn’t disappointed! I received the SOOTHE body wash (RRP: £16) which is in a simple but stylish clear bottle with a beautiful seahorse on the front. The bodywash contains 100% natural essential oils of neroli to ease stress and tension, lavender to relax and calm and ylang ylang to balance the mind. The body wash is a good consistency and doesn’t run through your fingers in the shower; it lathers well and was the perfect start to a busy day, awakening my senses with its gentle fragrance. l also used it in the bath after a stressful day and the essential oils helped soothe my mind whilst pampering my skin. At £16 it’s not cheap but you only need a small amount to get a nice lather and it’s nice to treat yourself every now and again!

Rating: 4.5/5

As well as the pampering items I received a couple of more practical skincare products, first was the Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel (RRP: £21.50). I have blackheads on my forehead so I was keen to see if this product lived up to the inspiring sounding name! Containing green tea extract, Swiss cress sprout and soy bean extract and Japanese shiso extract it helps rub away blackheads thoroughly and painlessly. The gel was easy to dispense from the flip top tube and had a lovely fresh fragrance, with no micro beads it is kind to skin and better for the environment. The gel is applied to dry skin and gently massaged, with dry fingers, onto your face, focussing on the T-zone area. Using a circular motion you massage until small flakes appear, this is the gel doing it’s stuff and removing not only blackheads but dead skin and dirt from your face. To finish you simply rinse with water. I have been using this for the last two weeks and I am amazed at the difference in my skin, not only have the blackheads gone but my face looks so fresh and clear and has a radiance that wasn’t there before. Friends have commented on how well I look which I can only put down to the Marvel White product, it really is Marvel by name Marvel by nature!

Rating: 5/5

Lloyds Pharmacy kindly sent one of their Solero Suncare family packs for us to try, unfortunately it has done nothing but rain since they arrived but they will come in very useful this summer. We do a lot of cycling and gardening and always wear sun cream when we are out as we are well aware of the damage the sun does to skin. The Solero pack we received was a medium to very high protection pack and is perfect for families as it contains a selection of products with different SPF ratings so there should be something for everyone. The SPF50+ ultra-sensitive sun lotion is perfect for children and is suitable for people with eczema, I tried this on my 15 year old son, just to see how it was on his skin as he does suffer with eczema and we do have to be careful with skin products. The product was easy to apply and absorbed easily into his skin, I find sometimes with high factor suncream it leaves the skin very white but this wasn’t the case with Solero. Despite there being no sun he left it on for an hour and he said it felt fine on his skin with no itchiness so this will be great for him. It is also fragrance free which is good for those with sensitive skin. The pack also contains a bottle of SPF30 and SPF 15 sun cream, both are water resistant which is important when children are jumping in and out of the pool or sea. The sun lotion has a gentle fragrance and was a good consistency making it easy to apply to the skin. It didn’t feel greasy and left my skin feeling moisturised. I will be keeping one of these in my cycle bag so I can use it when we are out on our bikes this summer. The final product in the pack is an Aloe Vera cooling after sun lotion. The benefits of Aloe Vera are well documented and this will be perfect to use after a day in the sun to cool and refresh my skin.

Rating: 5/5

The final product I received was the Dandi underarm perspiration patches. Discreet and effective, these absorbent underarm patches adhere directly to the skin to prevent the embarrassing problem of underarm sweat marks. I have to say I was very sceptical about these before I tried them, I was really concerned that my armpits would smell by the end of the day if I didn’t use my normal deodorant and I wasn’t looking forward to trying them. I followed the instructions carefully, they have to be applied to hair free arm pits and you have to leave 24 hours after shaving before you can apply the patches. The first patch I applied went on surprisingly well and I was quite pleased with myself however the second proved more troublesome. For some reason, no matter what I did, the top edge didn’t stick very well to my skin so in the end I gave up and left the patch on without the top sticking and to be fair it did stay in place all day! Initially they did feel a little strange but I soon got used to them and actually forgot I was wearing them. They are quite noticeable so you would only be able to wear them with clothes that have sleeves. I had quite an active day so they had a good test with a busy shopping trip followed by a bike ride. I did think I may be pushing it doing a bike ride so I was amazed when not only did they stay in place but when I got home I didn’t smell sweaty! I was expecting the removal to be a little bit painful but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, it was just like removing a plaster, I peeled them off carefully and it was pain free. These innovative patches are a great idea, suitable for men and women, and will protect your clothes from unsightly sweat patches, however at £7.99 for 10 patches they are too expensive for everyday use so I would save these for days when you know you will sweat a lot and need to protect your clothes.

Rating: 4/5

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