MAM Soothers and Dummy Clips Review

MAMDaddyMAM Soothers and Dummy Clips

Reviewed by Leoni Arbuckle

As a set used together, these soothers and dummy clips are fantastic baby products. I wasn’t surprised to see the packaging adorning a Mother & Baby Award for Excellence.

The clips are cute with the statement ‘I Love Mummy’ and ‘I Love Daddy’ printed on them. The whole clip is made up of a soft transparent ring, a patterned ribbon and a plastic sliding clip. The ring end which attaches to the soother is BPA free which means it’s safer for use with infants. It attaches to most soothers and teethers using either the transparent ring or Velcro. The MAM soothers I used for this review needed the transparent ring already attached. I particularly liked that if baby fell asleep still with the dummy clip I could detach the ribbon and clip from the ring using the Velcro. The clip fastener uses a sliding mechanism to attach to a variety of materials which is so simple it can be done with one hand. I have successfully used this to attach to a sling, car seat strap and comforter.

The main purpose of using one of these clips is to prevent the soother dropping on the floor but also helps prevent the dummy from getting lost. As my daughter gets better hand coordination I expect having her dummy on the end of the clip will be easier for her to retrieve as well.

The ribbon is soft, and more importantly washable and of a suitable length not to pose a risk to the baby.

I did learn the hard way that the rings are not suitable to go in a steriliser but that replacement rings are available.

The soother has just as many impressive features as the clip. Again being BPA free and using a silk textured teat which is close to the feeling of skin which is of greater comfort to the baby. The packaging boasts a 94% acceptance meaning there’s a huge chance these will be the only dummy’s you’ll need.

The teats are orthodontically designed to be safe for baby’s jaws and teeth. The dummy doesn’t have a traditional handle like most other designs which I found beneficial as there’s less chance of little fingers flicking it out. My daughter seems to be able to hold this design better to pull in and out at 4 months old. The shield which goes against the baby’s mouth is curved and therefore comfortable with air holes and internal dimples. According to the packaging this has been designed with dentists for healthy dental development.

What I particularly like about the MAM soothers is that they come in a handy storage box and the box can be sterilised. I love that I can pop the spare dummy in the box in my changing bag when I’m out and about.

Whilst my daughter can’t tell me if she likes these soothers I’m confident she does as they’re quick to comfort her and she keeps them in her mouth well. They’ve not irritated her skin around her mouth at all despite the excess saliva of teething.

These are lovely to use together as the designs match but they’re not exclusive to each other. These have easily become mine and my daughter’s favourite soothers and the clips are a brilliant invention I couldn’t do without.

There isn’t one thing I didn’t like about these products and so I would give them 5 stars and would tell all my mummy and mummy-to-be friends to get these on their baby wish list.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £5.15 2 pack soothers / £4.50 2 pack dummy clips

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