Magic Goes Wrong At Milton Keynes Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Before we attended the show, I realised that I didn’t know much background about the creators of this show so I enjoyed doing some research before the time. I was rather disappointed to see the number of negative reviews that this show has received at other venues. Generally people felt like they didn’t get their money’s worth and that the plot was too thin. So I was very intrigued!! 

Just before the show started, a few characters with great big butterfly nets were dashing about the theatre, “catching” unsuspecting audience members which created a number of giggles all around. From the get-go, the audience knew they were in for an unusual evening where a hapless gang of magicians presented an evening of illusion to raise money for people injured during their previous performances. From embarrassing and gross, to side splitting fun, this was an evening for all those that enjoy some silliness in their lives.

My son attended the show with me and he did laugh for the duration of the show. His favourite character was the Mind Mangler (Rory Fairbairn) and I suppose he was mine too. The magic tricks went awfully wrong, as intended, but the actual illusions were rather good and I could imagine some of these cast members would be able to put on a very entertaining evening doing the real thing – successfully.

I’m probably more of a musical theatre fan but my son is not so this was definitely more up his alley. I enjoyed the evening and I did engage with the tricks, especially the smooth transition in the disappear and reappearing illusions even if not so much with the backline story.

The set design by Will Bowen was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the costumes by designer Roberto Surace. The lights were far too in my face and even though they announced that lasers would be used, the blinding red lights on either side of the stage gave me a headache after just a few seconds.

Magic Goes Wrong stars the Mischief Theatre Company – the same group that brought you the Olivier Award-winning hit shows The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Co-created by the two biggest legends in magic, Penn & Teller, and Mischief Theatre. Writers Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, and Henry Lewis, along with director Adam Meggido are backed by an extensive team of specialists who’ve put this play together.

Milton Keynes Theatre has been one of my favourite venues since I first moved to England in 2005. The staff are really friendly and helpful and parking is easily found close to the venue. The venue is always immaculately clean and there are a number of bars and refreshment counters where you can arrange for beverages and snacks.

Rating: I would give this show 3/5. My son thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the gorriness of some of the acts. The age recommendation is that children under the age of 15 should be accompanied and sitting next to an adult over 18.

Tickets can be purchased from here.  Tickets cost from £13 and are subject to a transaction fee of £3.65. The show is on from Tuesday 19th October 2021 until Saturday 23rd October 2021.

Their covid information can be located here.

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